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This shit hurts my soul foreal 💔 #BewareOfHumans・・・
While you may enjoy riding around seeing the sites in the back of a carriage, know that someone is suffering terribly for your poor choices. Just another horrible way to exploit the animals.

These poor horses are exposed to all types of temperatures and conditions. The people that exploit these animals are all about profit, not about the care of the animals. And when these horses have been exploited to the point that they are no longer able to perform the duties chosen by their exploiters, they will be slaughtered.

Many will face the long journey of live shipment. They will be shipped, suffering in horrible conditions, to one of the many countries that consume horse flesh. And some Asian countries, where they have been have been highly dependent on horses, have no prohibitions against consuming horse flesh.

Once we are aware of the consequences of our choices, then it is our responsibility to make better choices and to educate others. Please speak for those that cannot! Boycott any and all attractions that exploit the animals!
Respect the rights of all the animals that share this planet WITH us not FOR us.



I find it both amusing and
frightening how social media lets people really ace and believe in their pretend game!
Like swarming pseudo intellectuals who claim to have 'always' loved Nehru! When they were in the womb, their mothers pre-read certain books, giving them a crash course in Indian political philosophy and history!
Fuck boys and sociopaths acting like they view all women as nothing less than precious flowers, hiding behind shams of self righteous posts! People don't have to try anymore, they can just claim to be certain things! Isn't that scary? Where is the do in social media?
Jaded women quoting Rumi and Gibran, making them sound like heartbroken emo lovers! Apparent struggling writers, holding champagne glasses in branded promotional wear like walking advertisements! The idea of love being promoted like some giant live event, with multiple levels to be achieved!

Suddenly everyone reads the same books! How can everything, and I mean everything, suddenly be mainstream!
It's like people are given a checklist to be viewed as cool. Talk about xyz for today because it's fashionable. Tomorrow everyone will talk about something else! How is this natural?

Phoneys should just put up one post to save everyones time, like "hey i'm the greatest, also I know everything there is to know about everything, and yes above all world peace!" #BewareOfHumans #writing #thoughts #books



I'm about to take you back to church
Tell me your confessions, baby, what's the worst? #chaseatlantic #imjustalittleaddicted #fuckIlovethem #blackandwhite #bewareofhumans #alternativegirl #oldpic #music #rock #croptop #allblackallthetime


Ready or not! 🖖🏽👽✨#herewecome



Bliss after the storm. This is ET. We found him under a car, after probably a week of suffering after a car ran him over. We tried to save his leg, but we couldn’t. He’s all recuperated and happy. Thanks to everyone who donated for this little fella’s recovery. #cat #catsofinstagram #rescuecat #animals #bewareofhumans #bliss #losangeles #orangecat #threeleggedcat #animalsofinstagram #gatos #rescuedcat #love #bliss #thanks


Beware of the humans 👽
Ten cuidado con los humanos
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