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#Places – Aug 2012 - Havasupai, Grand Canyon, Arizona. This is paradise, 8+ miles walking through the Grand Canyon and it's worth it. Any plans to visit this amazing place?


It was awesome watching @chloekimsnow & @shaunwhite win gold. These two are like stunt people on snowboards, freakin amazing. @teamusa represent, woot woot! | Check my profile link for tips on visiting Havasupai


Like a tiny ant 🐜 making my way through the canyon #havasupaitrail #arizona #backpackingtrip #alotofwalking #arewethereyet



The Guides
16x20” Acrylic, colored pencil on wood panel.

This piece is inspired by an 8 mile hike through the scorching Havasu Canyon to the village of Supai, in the Havasupai Indian Reservation. Another 2 miles will get you to a beautiful oasis of turquoise waterfalls.
Shortly after we began our hike, I looked up and saw a profile of a face in the rocks (swipe to see photos). It felt like some kind of special guide leading the way. When we made it to the village, a local told us about Wigleeva, the two rocky red pillars in the canyon that are believed to be protectors of the Havasupai tribe. I incorporated the face I saw in the rocks into my painting, and added another to personify the guides/protectors that led us through the canyon and safely back out.
This illustration is one of several travel/adventure inspired series I illustrated for Local Colors Gallery, located in the Hawaiian Airlines headquarters building!
Mahalo @powwowworldwide and @hawaiianairlines for the opportunity!

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Okay 1 last Havasupai Tip, and I’ll leave y’all alone for a bit.
Have you ever experienced pure joy? This picture is one of my Pure Joy moments in life. We woke up later than we wanted to, dang you snooze, the morning of hiking out and left Camp around 5am, which put us getting back to the parking lot around 9:00. Seems early huh, well in June 9:00 is HOT out there. This was my first time here, and all I wanted was some ice cold watermelon. Why didn’t I think to fill our #arbfridge before we left? I think I drove them crazy talking and dreaming about it. And what would you know... freaking ICE COLD 🍉 was waiting for me!! These sweet little ladies were selling all the things I wanted in the world in the parking lot! Bless their heart. (Oh and all Scott wanted was an ice cold Gatorade...they had that too!!) They snapped this picture and it still hangs on my fridge today. #purejoy
So when you think you can’t make that last mile of uphill full sun switchbacks, know there’s some cold 🍉 cheering you on and waiting for you at the top. (or just wake up on time and get out of there before the ☀️ hits)

I hope you all had good luck with booking online this year! New thing for me! Seems they go extremely fast due to online booking now, kinda like Yosemite. For all you lucky ones! Have a trip of a lifetime! And feel free to ask us anything, if we don’t know, we’ll find out. ✌️



Day 7 of Havasu Tips!
Upper and Lower Little Navajo Falls is a grand series of cascades and waterfalls. It’s actually located just upstream from Havasu Falls! It’s a great place to chill.

It is a relatively short hike from camp (just over 0.5 mile-on the way back to the village) and is a great cool down spot to explore if Havasu Falls is overcrowded. There are two sets of falls – Upper Navajo Falls and Lower Navajo Falls – with an amazing series of cascades connecting the two. Many people miss seeing Upper Navajo Falls (which is my favorite and listed here!) because it is partially concealed from the main trail; make sure to do a bit of exploring so you don’t miss these!
There is an access road and series of well defined trails that start from the main trail and will lead you to both Upper and Lower.
You can bring a tube and float around gazing up at the canyon walls and basking in the mist coming off upper Navajo falls.

Even though these are the first Falls coming into the Campground we always seem to make this our last stop before we head back to hiking out. Last goodbye and cool down before you hit the hot trail. One last hurrah! 😩


The Havasupai Indian Reservation is a Native American reservation for the Havasupai people, surrounded entirely by the Grand Canyon National Park, in Coconino county in Arizona, United States. It is considered one of America's most remote Indian reservations. The reservation is governed by a seven-member tribal council, led by a chairman who is elected from among the members of the council. The capital of the reservation is Supai, situated at the bottom of Cataract Canyon, one of the tributary canyons of the Grand Canyon. Havasupai is a combination of the words Havasu (meaning "blue-green water") and pai (meaning "people"), thus meaning "people of the blue-green waters". The Havasupai Tribe's website is located here: http://theofficialhavasupaitribe.com/

There are many more reservation requests than available campground spaces. The impact of visitors in the canyon and the cost of maintaining trails and visitor services has been overwhelming. As a result in 2018 there will be price increases and new limits on number of nights available for reservations.
Reservations will be available online starting on February 1, 2018 at 8:00 AM Arizona time. Please note, no reservations for 2018 will be available until February 1st and reservations can be made through their online reservation system. #adventure #adventuretime #travel #nature #arizona #hike #hiking #nationalparks #adventures #adventuretravel #adventureawaits #havasupaifalls #havasupai #havasupaitrail #supai



ห่างหายจากการเดินป่ามานาน อยากหาเพื่อนร่วมทริปไปผจญภัยกันอีกสักรอบ คราวนี้จะแคมป์สักสามวันจะเดินแม่งให้ทั่ว กลางคืนจะปีนไปดูดาวบนยอดเขา จะนอนแช่น้ำตกสักสามชั่วโมง
Anyone down for Havasupai fall camping or hiking this weekend?
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Can’t post my fave photos from 2017 without this one on the trail to Supai in the western Grand Canyon, Havasupai Reservation, Arizona. From May.
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Havasu Falls ... looks like paradise ... can’t wait to hike down into the Grand Canyon in May. Who wants to come along?
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