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I'd like to take this time to point you to the direction of our website. Another style change has happened, and this time to deal with the influx of information and flow of content we're beginning to produce! We've restructured the site for simplicity and efficiency, and I'm excited to have people on it.

Now, navigating the site allows you all to see recent podcast episodes, recent articles, recent videos, comment features have been enabled on all the above and we're eventually going to create a forum because we encourage discussions, I want to hear from you!

We've had to grow in the face of adversity and in doing so, it's allowed for a lot more change to start taking place. With censorship taking place, pages being taken down and content being removed, I've decided to implement other methods of delivering the information. We've begun networking with other conscious organizations in an effort to provide you with even more hard hitting, truth seeking, in-depth research. From the podcasts to the articles, to the eventual writers we'll employ, it's a serious honor being able to be in this position. It's taken five seasons to get to this point and I'm proud to share the work we've done, take your time and explore the content.

Whether you've been with us from the beginning or you're reading this for the first time, your support keeps us honest and organic.

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Everyone has dreams of tranquility, but they hide the tools to build a positive silloquy, our president is a visible product of infamy. let's hope our universe is a symphany and trumps not part of the symmetry. The governments ruled viciously, with no sympathy, skillfully manipulated stingily, so the working class exists miserably. They are trying to keep our consciousness in its infancy, we are looking into a future of contingency. -Poetry By Anomaly
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Freemasonic Structure
Let's start at the bottom and work our way to the top. The bottom of the pyramid is the easiest to control, manipulate and eliminate. The bottom consists of various secret societies and organizations like the entry level Freemasons, Shriners, Red Cross, United Way, Fraternities, Sororities and various other "Secret Oath Groups" These are the spies and snitches working for the middle and upper classes of the Illuminati. Most of these people are not truly aware of what they are involved in because they don't have the access to the true plans, they just want to be apart of something and be accepted. This is how the Illuminati control your local governments, House of Representatives and Businesses.
The Free-masonic Lodges are where you find your "Semi-Rich Bloodlines" within your local communities, Police, Judges, Lawyers, Businessmen, Mayors etc. The higher they get into the ranks of these secret societies the better the jobs they will have, i.e Police Chiefs, Correctional Captains, Wardens, Mayors, Doctors, House of Representatives, Deans of College and the higher levels of your local communities.

The highest positions within our government, politics and businesses are reserved for their top bloodlines or people who have Ivy League educations. What is the major difference in the education of Ivy League schools? Most of the Ivy Leagues schools students are already from an elite family or they are real poor but yet really smart students who can be manipulated easier by the control of their professors. In case you are not aware, Ivy League schools are where all of the Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings, Queens, Chief Executive Officers, Supreme Court Judges, Doctors, Educational Presidents and Deans are made at. A majority of the students going to these schools already believe there is no God and that they are themselves Superior to the "poor". Ivy League schools like Yale, Harvard, Cornell, Oxford etc are responsible for many of the plagues that have ravaged the poor including Aids, Influenza, H1N1, Powder Cocaine, Crack Cocaine, Heroin, Prescription Drugs etc. They are rewarded for finding new and improved ways to kill the average human.