Благодарю всех друзей, кто предложил принять участие @cat_makar @tishka2005 @stesha_and_arisha @arumdvadvadva @kotofan2015 и всех, всех моих пушистиков!!!
Честно скажу вам друзья, я не хотела участвовать в этом марафоне, но прочитав историю своих любимых подружек Стеши и Ариши, решила написать, т.к. было бы несправедливо по отношению к моей милой Алисоньке! 💖💖💖😘 И так начну по порядку. С моим именем вроде бы все понятно, ну на всякий случай напишу! Ма очень нравится фильм "Амели" с Одри Тоту, а так как меня взяли с вечно удивленными глазами, то всем сразу стало ясно, что я Амели! Хотя дома меня называют Милли, Милюшка, Милька и даже Миллисент😸 Ну вот я опять отвлеклась от самого главного, когда меня привезли домой, то оказалось, что я буду жить не одна, там "ждала" меня ангорская красавица Алиса. Но не скажу, что она была очень рада моему появлению 🙀 Было у нас с ней все: и ссоры, и дружба. Все же разница в возрасте сказывалась 😼 Нашей Алисоньки не стало 3 года назад, но я хочу, чтобы все увидели, какая она была красавица. Я по ней очень-очень тоскую! Я думаю, что и вам она очень понравится, ведь правда, красавица?😻
Ну вот такая история у меня. Всем моим друзьям большое спасибо за поддержку, за добрые слова, я вас всех очень люблю!!! 💖💖💖🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘
"Стоит раз завести кошку и остановиться уже невозможно" 
Эрнест Хемингуэй

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Our friend Ginny, @hermione_mn asked us to join the #10ThingsAboutMe Challange

1. I'm a momma's boy
2. If you're not mom (or catdad), and you try to pet me, I'll cut you
3. My favorite napping spot is in the tiny human's crib (where I am right now, being interrupted)
4. I most definitely did not put those scratch marks in the tiny human's crib #InnocentUntilProvenGuilty #AmIRight
5. I will only eat @proplancat and @friskies pawtymix treats
6. The plastic rings that Gatorade bottles come in are my favorite. I jump in the fridge every chance I get to try to eat them
7. I was named after the cat in Always Sunny, not the dude in 24
8. Despite the many scratchers and two cat condos we have, I find the the carpet is the best claw sharpener
9. My nicknames include Jack, JackJack Jackie, Jax, Jackster, Pumpkin, Pumpkin Pie, Asshole
10. I have a green mouse that I carry around the house while meowing
11. Bonus: click #🎃Jack to see any photos with my handsome face in them
I've tagged a few friends to join and share your facts!

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Look at this sweet girl loving it up! Can you believe that just 3 days ago she was ready to rip my face off? Looks like a little bit of affection can go a long ways. Maybe she's not so feisty after all.
As for the new 5 week olds - two had elevated temps today and the vet said that they all have severe bacterial infections which have caused the ulcers in their eyes. They wouldn't have made it much longer if I hadn't trapped them though. I'm feeling trapped myself now, to be honest. Please keep them all in your thoughts and prayers. More info is in the link in my bio.


@christiebrinkley partnered with @proplan & @proplancat to promote healthy aging for people and their pets! Click the link in our bio to learn more. Photo 📷: @andrewwerner


I miss you, let me massage you before going to bed! Good night everybody!😚💟😚💟😴
Я скучаю по тебе, давай я массаж сделаю перед сном! Всем спокойной ночи!😚💟😚💟😴
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@christiebrinkley partnered with @proplan & @proplancat to promote healthy aging for people and their pets! Click the link in our bio to learn more. Photo 📷: @andrewwerner


Wow, what a week we've had.
Also - Thank you to the sweet angel who donated 6 cans of kitten milk to us sometime over the weekend. I don't know who you are, but you've just helped me out a whole lot. My future bottle babies will be so appreciative. ❤️


The bee: part one.
This day you told your loving family how big the bee was which attacked you in the morning, but nobody believed.


Gaze upon my beautifully rendered marshmallows! This portrait of Olive was lovingly painted by @paintofheartpets who has donated a gift certificate as a raffle prize to benefit @phillypaws - so you too could win a beautiful pet portrait! 🎨👩🏻‍🎨❤️ thank you Angela!!


ZzzZz 😴



Seems like every neighborhood has that one yard that you're afraid to lose your ball in.


Знаете ли вы? Прежде чем выводить гельминтов у животных необходимо в первую очередь обработать животное от блох и через неделю задать глистогонный препарат . Ни в коем случае не стоит проводить дегельминтизацию не уничтожив блох, так как это один из способов заражения гельминтами. Будьте бережны по отношению к своему животному!🐈🐩🐾 #зоошик_казань #здороваясобака #здороваякошка #proplancat #казаньдляживотных #казаньсибирскийтракт #глистыуживотных #дегельминтизация #полезныесоветыотзооШик #любимаякошка #любимаясобака #ветеринарказань


Feral update! The girls have both made it out of surgery and are in their trap in my bathroom recovering. They were flea infested and worm ridden, but they're being treated for both ailments now and were successful in receiving their first vaccines as well as their spay yesterday. One baby was just under the 2 pound marker too, so I'm thankful that everything went so well. Since they are feral and we are unsure of their outcome, their ears were tipped to indicate their spay to others in case of necessary release. The vet said they are just about 8 weeks based on their teeth and weights though and that they might be redeemable as ferals, which is great news. In addition, if you scroll you'll be able to see today's catch. I went trapping in a 3rd location a few hours ago (yes I'm doing 3 at once) and managed to catch 3 out of 4 tiny, 5 week old babies. They appear very sick and are in need of medical attention asap. Every rescue in my state is packed to the brim at the moment and I don't have the cash to be able to help them out, so I may have to drive them to a neighboring state tomorrow. I am feeling very overwhelmed by the massive amount of cats at the moment. I do have a donation link if anyone's interested in helping me out with all of these ferals, but I also know it hasn't been very long since my last rescue and that that's a lot to ask. I want to do all that I can for these guys. If you feel so compelled, it would help the situation out immensely. Link is in bio. This is why it's sooo important that we spay and neuter.