🚨Calvin's Giveaway🚨! I will be drawing a name on Saturday Feb.24th at 1pm on my Instagram Live to give away a Alabama Calvin Ridley autographed jersey. The rules are: Everyone must comment their first and last name on my instagram and please only comment your name 1 time.(I promise to go through the comments and look everyone's name)I am only accepting the names that are commented under my IG post from now until 12pm on Saturday Feb.24th IG name: @justdoit_cb3 ! I will then write all the names down and draw one from a bucket! Goodluck Everyone and thank you for all your continuous support! #RollTideForever 🏈🐘


Had a stomach ache from eating fried chicken and too much sugar, and for a hot second I felt like I was at home... in college again! 😜 loved spending the day at @univofalabama and showing off campus to @susannahilong ❀️ these are the days! #rolltideforever #thebear #greatestcampusonearth #wherelegendsaremade



Seriously... 1,727 miles is just too far😒



Have to document Foster's first Valentine (besides me, obviously). Aunt Hannie came through big this year, and I am feeling so blessed to have you in our life! Friendship is one of the greatest gifts God gave us. Man, those "friends you pay for" in college are THE best! #sisters #aunthannie #rolltideforever



Excited Alabama has signed a fellow Monarch from my dads alma mater Mater Dei!! #gomonarchs🏈 #materdeifootball #rolltideforever #nationalchampions #repost @alabamafbl with @get_repost
Recapping NSD Pt. 1

Welcome OL @tommybrown18
to the Alabama Football Family

#NextWave #RollTide


Friends, food and footballllπŸˆπŸ¦… #flyeaglesfly #rolltideforever



Make flexibility fun! Find poses that inspire you and practice daily. I love playing with splits while inverted; the fun never stops..❀️☺️
#HeadstandSplit #FlexibilityFun


Missing these ladies and our crazy game day shenanigans! How is this 6 years ago!!?? #tbt #besties #gracestreet #rolltideforever #alabamafootball #alphachiomega #collegedays #nationalchampions @rachcousar @cdishongh



so much life has been lived within these walls. in this house, we’ve laughed more times than we can count with the people we love, experienced the hardest of lessons learned, refined our marriage on the strength of the Lord alone, battled the hell that is infertility, made friendships with great neighbors, brought our sweet puppy home here, endured communication blackout/time apart thanks to the military, created many passion projects, found out about our miracle daughter in that master bathroom. our dreams {both individual + as a family} were pursued in this house. we’re so looking forward to the next chapter, but are so grateful for all that this house has taught us. leaving my sweet Tuscaloosa home with a weepy, heavy, yet joyful, heart.β™₯️ #WhatTheSmith #LifeOnCrescentGardens #rolltideforever


Lots of love on Senior NightπŸ–€ #hrbgrandfinale18 #gonnamissit


the fact im even on this campus disgusts me....#rolltideforever


happy birthday to my B.B. sister! πŸ‘ΆπŸΌcan’t believe your #25 🌻 (the first part of your twenties is dream-like & the second half sucks, #enjoy πŸ•) thanks for always telling me when I’m too loud or to β€œchange your outfit” or when my breath stinks #girlsruntheworld this is your year Mollie! β™₯️ love you SO much πŸŽ‰πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ#rolltideforever πŸŽ‚


A True Blessing and Hard work, 2 Out Of 3 Not Bad! 😎😎.. #RollTideForever πŸ…° #BigRings πŸ’πŸ’#15GoLive #RipPops #SuperCam πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ†πŸ†β€ΌοΈ


Incase you forgot that we just won our 17th National Championship ‼️ #sabanteen #rolltideforever ✨🐘