Los elefantes corren ahora aún más peligro, ya que hay una nueva tendencia y ya no sólo los están matando por su marfil, sino también por su piel y otras partes de su cuerpo. Por lo tanto ha aumentado su caza ilegal desde enero.

Se enfrenta una crisis severa por la supervivencia de este gran mamífero.

WWF está lanzando una campaña de acción para mandar equipos contra la caza furtiva para proteger a estos mamíferos. Donde todos podemos ayudar.
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In a disturbing and growing new trend, endangered Asian elephants of all ages are being slaughtered in Myanmar for their skin and other body parts. Elephant poaching rates since January have already surpassed the annual average for the country. In a country that has fewer than 2,000 wild Asian elephants, this is a frightening uptick that requires immediate action to ensure their survival. WWF is launching an emergency action plan to train, equip, and deploy 10 antipoaching teams to the most vulnerable areas, and implementing a thorough plan to stop the slaughter. We need to raise $230,000 to deploy our emergency antipoaching plan. Now, with 8 days left, generous WWF supporters John and Gail Eyler will match your donation to help save wild elephants in Myanmar, dollar for dollar, up to a total of $33,000. Please donate today so we can deploy antipoaching patrols as soon as possible. Learn more by following the link in our bio.


Elephants are highly sociable animals with soft nature. However elephants can be seen attacking people and vehicles, hence we get an idea that these huge animals are just big bullies.What we don't see is why these animals react the way they do.People sometime gets too close to them without knowing what the animals mood is. Every animal has a personal space,just like humans, and once you enter that space,the animal will react.
This is a baby Asiatic elephant from my recent trip to gorumara national park.
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