It's Gus who doesn't seem to sleep, possibly due to the invisible explosions, definitely due to his Fear of Missing Out. He's never asleep when we come home, he's at the front door. If I wake up in the middle of the night, there he is, staring. If it looks like he's napping, the slightest noise and he's πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
#teamgarytrivia #FOMO


Which Team Gary member seems to never sleep? #teamgarytrivia



Jesse is the leader of the #BiteClub - if he's even a little bit awake, pets turn into gnawing and some serious rabbit kicking. #teamgarytrivia #ishouldntbetalkingaboutthis Hank pretty much ran away with the vote, but I will give you a point for #gingerbullshit


I finally got all 5 looking at me. I can't handle the pressure. How about some #teamgarytrivia ? Who is the biter of the group?


So, about 3 or 4 of you got it right. Order of effs:
Margo: 0
Jesse: 12
Hank, hiding in the corner: 43
Gary, on the bed: 62
Gus, under the bed: eleventy billion
(Margo is watching you, @vandercats , who called her a "wussy") #teamgarytrivia #iwishamotherefferwould


Time for some Team Gary trivia! Who gives the least effs about the vacuum cleaner? Who gives the most? #teamgarytrivia


It's Gary and Gus #doingtheworm #teamgarytrivia
#whitecatproblems #anightattheroxbury #orpatio


Which TWO members of Team Gary flop and roll on the patio as soon as they get out the door? Answer with demonstration tonight. #teamgarytrivia #electricboogaloo


#Teamgarytrivia answer is Margo! And she and her crazy eyes don't GAF. Those that guessed Gary get a silver star, he's the only other one that does a post poop romp. #throwbackthursday


#Teamgarytrivia, kitten edition! Who has always had the most ridiculous post litter box zoomies? #throwbackthursday


I'm as surprised as you are that today's #Teamgarytrivia answer is Gus, since he's the very definition of a "good eater". He will scream for whatever you've got, then sniff it and walk away.
Most of you guessed Margo, but she's exactly the opposite. She can smell a rotisserie chicken from a mile away, she once grabbed the spoon from my hand while I was eating soup, and she will cut you for a piece of white cheddar popcorn.


Which Team Gary member doesn't like "people" food? #Teamgarytrivia


Of course it's Gus, he's a damn muppet. Hank is only slightly less agreeable, Gary is OK with the front paws as long as he's sleepy, Jesse is an absolute nightmare so I've given up trimming his, and Margo. Simply. Will. Not. Allow. It. #Teamgarytrivia


#Teamgarytrivia time! Which member of Team Gary is okayest with getting their nails cut? Tonight's answer will include a demonstration.


Gary only pulled in about 10% of the vote for today's team Gary trivia, but he is our frustrated couch scratcher. I don't have pictures of that because you have to draw the line somewhere I guess. #teamgarytrivia


More trivia time: When it's raining or the middle of the night and no one can go out, which Team Gary member waits for me to go into the living room, stares straight at me and violently scratches the couch before running to the back door? #teamgarytrivia #catsaresuchdicks


Team Gary trivia time: While every single one of these dorks busts into the bathroom multiple times a day, only one is a toilet lap sitter. Who is it? (Answer revealed tonight) #teamgarytrivia


Hank wears the smug look only a toilet lap sitter can. Gus got the majority of guesses, and Margo has nothing but disdain for those of you that guessed her. #teamgarytrivia