Otto the Great Pug🐾

When you wake up thinking it's Saturday, but it's really only Wednesday... #afterholidayslump #wtf #literallythatsyou


Kristin Miller

Who's feeling a little like a blob after the weekend??? Too much drinking and junk for me. Hit up the gym today and a nice lunch to hopefully help reset the system. Had chicken breast with homemade taco seasoning, avocado, my fav pro alpha greens, and a nice hot cup of rooibos chai tea!! What do you do to help reset your body??? #bodyreset #healthstartswithfood #afterholidayslump #getyourselfhealthy #selfmotivation #dontletacoupledaysruinyourhealth #proalphagreens #probiotics


Andrea Luo

APRIL NOW! Took a moment to recap some good things from Easter!

#afterholidayslump #sunshine #beach #resort #vietnam


K E L L Y  R I N E H A R T

Attempting to get my life back on track... This is the healthiest thing I have put in my body all weekend! Cafe Latte Shakeo with blueberries , banana , PB, a little almond milk and some almonds on top to make it fancy 😍 My body is seriously hating me today , exhaustion and over eating has got me all messed up! Eager to get it all back on track! So thankful for my challengers and all of their positivity and motivation ... Checking in on them has kept me going on all of my workouts! 🙌🏻


Allyson Schumacher

"Operation Let's Finally Take Down the Christmas Tree" in full effect. If you couldn't tell, I have a serious ornament obsession #depressing #afterholidayslump #ornamentobsession #Januaryisonlygoodforbirthdays