Brittany Shepherd

What were you doing at 5:00 this morning?
I didn't go into 2017 with a New Year's resolution. But I do have goals:
1. Make health and fitness a priority in my life again!
2. Spend more quality time with loved ones.

I have focused so much on building my massage business the past 2 years, that I've let the 2 goals above become neglected.
2017 is the year I figure out how to balance all 3!
A certain someone, (@tarrenpruitt 😊), has inspired me to be the change I want to see. I'm ready. Are you ready to make your health a priority? Let's do this together 👊
#beachbody #beachbodycoach #bethechangeyouwanttosee

Brittany Shepherd

Coach Lance C.

Day 16, working on those hamstrings today, good #deadlifts today, trying to take it slow still and not go to heavy yet. #progress #slowandsteady #buildityourself #legday

Coach Lance C.

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