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Over the past few weeks I have spoken with several hairstylists and assistants, some new, some seasoned. I have found it extremely upsetting at how many of these individuals have decided to leave the business, or have had their confidence broken by their peers and leaders in their work environment . Being in this business for over 20 years I have seen the good the bad and the ugly . I should say I am surprised at this but unfortunately I am not . I have heard of (and witnessed) owners yelling in front of clients and other employees and throwing things at them and much worse . I am sure this happens in every industry but I am disgusted at how often it happens in the beauty industry . This is why I chose to open my own salon . To control the energy I am surrounded with every day . I truly am lucky to have been surrounded by so many wonderful individuals and mentors who helped build me up and instill confidence in me . I wanted to pay it forward . As mentors we are responsible for building the younger stylists up and help guide them . We are supposed to teach and support . We as salon owners have a responsibility to be as honest as possible in a gentle and loving way to build them up and offer constructive criticism . We can not call people out and criticize in front of their peers. That's NOT ok ! I am not an expert by no means at running a salon. I am still learning and make mistakes I am sure but I try to remember the way I was treated as a young stylist and assistant. Don't you work much harder and better for the owner or manager who treats you kindly and with respect ? We are all responsible for the energy we bring to the salon environment . When we are working on our clients there is a major exchange of energy . When there are bad vibes or energy in the salon we are transferring it to our clients . But isn't our goal to make everyone feel good and happy? As owners or mentors we have an even bigger responsibility of creating the energy you want to have in your salon . You set the tone . If you treat others with respect and love it will continue to flow through out your salon and out of your doors into the world. Be kind to your staff and coworkers please. 💗



Here's a great total core move! Go into a plank and do twisting mountain climbers by bringing your knee to the opposite elbow. Switch as quickly as you can! Go for 2 rounds of 30 seconds, and tag 2 friends ⤵️ to try it with you!

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I try to always remember to act in such a way , that if anyone ever talks bad about me no one would ever believe them...
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I wanna do so much today... but I wanna do it in pajamas 😂😂 I deserve a Lazy day maybe I'll get one next week. ... Sunday bum day.
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No beauty shines brighter than dah of a good heart💕

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Sundæ morningzzz // zero agenda and a very wise tshirt


Football Sunday!!! 🏈 #gobroncos
Not only do the players give us plays on the field, they also #giveback to their communities. @vonmiller has made a significant impact in Denver with his organization Von's Vision. In celebration, 10% of any half or full case purchased thru the link below will be donated to #vonsvision !!!!


I got a very thought provoking DM last night. It said, "The principles you claim to live by, seem like someone who wants to be liked by everyone. I thought you don't care what anyone thinks of you?"🤔💭 In my opinion, most people get this wrong. It's not about saying FTW, being selfish, and doing what you want without a care in the world for other people that may get hurt along the way. I'm capable of not worrying about what people think of me, because I know I did what I could, to be good. I can sleep at night because I know I didn't intentionally hurt or wrong another human being. That doesn't mean you're liked by everyone.

The people who make the greatest effort to hinder our success, are resentful friends, rather than enemies. I'm aware of it, it's easy to see and to feel, but I can't fix their mind. I can't make them trust me or believe that I really mean the things I say, but I can love them regardless and stick to my path. I know how awful it is to be paranoid and negative about those closest to you and it sucks. I can't blame them, I can't change them, I can't keep them from trying to hurt us or making us the topic of their gossip circles, but I can be there when they need me, until they choose to fix themselves. That's it. •
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Thank you Beautiful Wooler.
Marathon number 77 ticked off.
Suffice to say the difficulty is only matched by its beauty that will last long in my heart.
Thank you @trailoutlaws for a stunning event

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