Bis zum 28.10. gibt's bei uns die trendigsten Autos dieses Herbstes zu sehen. Komm vorbei und informiere Dich zu den PKWs der Zukunft!


HAKO RAMEN • My craving of ramen was so strong that I convinced my “I-don’t-like-ramen” boyfriend to come with me to give this recently opened ramen spot a try 👫🍜💖. The only thing I have to say is that when we tasted the ramen he changed his mind! 😍 It was quite good indeed 😋. We had the tantan ramen (miso-sesame chicken broth with grounded pork meat 🐷, half and egg, vegetables and noodles 🍜 - spicy 🔥). The broth was super thick and flavorful, the noodles were perfectly cooked, the egg had the perfect consistency and it wasn’t too spicy. Personally it wasn’t the best ramen I’ve had but it’s still good. In my opinion what could be improved is the broth, that was a little bit too greasy (as you can see in the picture) and the toppings, which I belive they were kind of scant (just half an egg 🥚 and some greens 🌱). As for the prices they are more or less the same as Cocolo’s 💸. We paid 9,50€ for our ramen and 4,50€ for 4 pieces of gyoza (that btw weren’t that special, I wouldn’t order them again). What’s good is that you can add extras to your ramen like chashu pork (+1€), half an egg (+0,50€) or extra noodles (+2€), altough I must say that the portion was satisfying enough, honestly! My bf and I ended up super super full 🤤🍴. The service was super fast, 5 minutes after ordering we had our ramen on the table. The atmosphere inside was quite cool, the place has a lot of cute Japanese posters on the walls 🇯🇵 and the music that was playing was the OST of the anime Cawboy Bebop 🎶❤️. ⭐️7/10 #Berlin


Darling, you are my everyday hero!
We came across with our bicycles and saw this little fallen scooter... 😔
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#nochmal #김구텐 :
모닝커피내리면서 갓 구은 빵 서걱서걱 잘라 뜨거울 때 누텔라 잔뜩. 바나나나 딸기 올려 왕 베어물면 오늘 또 하루 헤쳐나갈 힘이 난다.
Sie sagen mir dass Nutella viele Willenlos macht. aber. Blicken meiner Mitbewohner, schlich er sich in die Küche und frönte der braunen Masse. Auf ganz besondere Art und Weise. Yum, cozy und warrrm.


Und plötzlich waren sie da,
die sonnigen Herbsttage 🍂