Found this in WA 🐦🌺🌎🌸The Australian pelican (Pelecanus conspicillatus) is a large waterbird of the family Pelecanidae, widespread on the inland and coastal waters of Australia and New Guinea, also in Fiji, parts of Indonesia and as a vagrant in New Zealand. It is a predominantly white bird with black wings and a pink bill. It has been recorded as having the longest bill of any living bird. It mainly eats fish, but will also consume birds and scavenges for scraps. Pelicans in the physical, are a genus of large water birds. They are characterised by a long beak and a large throat pouch used for catching prey and draining water from the scooped up contents before swallowing. They have predominantly pale or white plumage.

The pelican assumes the symbolism of all birds, that is they are symbolic of spiritual travellers. They are in the ascent – on the spiritual path and travelling closer to the centre and thus the Aether level. The white colour of the pelican gives it a symbolic value far higher than most birds, as white symbolises the 'centre' and purity.

Birds are capable of surviving on the Earth layer [see Levels and layers], on the Water level, though they are most at home in the medium of the Air. The Pelican is principally a water bird - in effect it is closer to spirit than it is to the earth. Its enormous pouch is also a place capable of storing fish - symbol in this case of wisdom and ideas - thus a pelican can feed wisdom to its young and is capable of 'consuming' large quantities of wisdom.

In many cultures, the pelican is a person who has been annihilated and become a 'god'. The pelican (Henet in Egyptian) was associated in Ancient Egypt with psychopomps. It was depicted in art on the walls of tombs, and figured in funerary texts. The same symbol was also used as a protective symbol against 'snakes' - the snake in this context being symbolic of the kundalini experience. In effect, because the god had survived this experience, the pelican as his symbol also gave protection. Although the paragraphs above use the term god, the 'Henet' was also referred to in the Pyramid Texts as the "mother of the king" and thus seen as a goddess.


Итак, в мае этого года впервые участвовала в таком формате фестиваля/конкурса в составе крутой команды #dizart
Делаем невероятные работы (не всем получается делится)!🙂 Но с каждым разом, новым маппингом, заданием ,растем -развиваемся ,круто же !

Делюсь нашей работой под названием "Спів"

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Here is a digital bird drawing of a tuco toucan. It was previously a sketch that I drew at the natural history museum. I used medibang paint pro.


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Kolibri adalah burung kecil dengan panjang 6,4 cm dan berwarna cerah yang sebagian besar hidup di Amerika Utara dan Amerika Selatan. Seekor kolibri mempunyai sekitar seribu bulu yang bergemerlapan sehingga dapat memantulkan dan memencarkan sinar warna - warni yang dapat berubah ketika burung bergerak seperti minyak pada air. Ada lebih dari 300 spesies burung kolibri hidup di dalam wilayah hutan Amazon, Amerika Selatan. Sedangkan kolibri jenis Sword Billed, ensifera ensifera hidup di bagian barat hutan pegunungan Andes,

Kolibri adalah penerbang yang ulung dengan gerakan sayap yang sangat cepat, satu detik mencapai 12-80 kali kepakan. Seorang peneliti dari Universitas California bernama Christopher Clark melakukan pengamatan untuk mengukur kecepatan burung kolibri betina, Christopher mengambil gambar menggunakan kamera super cepat sehingga bisa menangkap setiap gerakan dari burung kolibri. Ia berhasil mendapatkan 500 gambar yang berbeda dalam satu detik.

source : arifcapricon.blogspot.com

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"yaa I love the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."
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