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We would be together.
In a world where I am brave enough.
We would be together.
In a world with no prejudices.
We would be together.
In a world with no problems.
We would be together.
In a world where we shall think about us and only us.



To that boy.
To that boy who looks in the mirror everyday hoping for the sight of a six pack, I saw your beauty while you helped the less fortunate.
To that boy who thinks he is not tall enough, It doesn’t matter, we see your heart.
To that boy who is waiting everyday for the sight of a facial hair, Your innocence isn’t hidden behind that beard.
To that boy who refuses to cry when hurt, I know you have feelings too. You are safe in this space.
To that boy who does everything to make his parents happy, They are proud of you. They might not say it so often but they are.
To that boy who has the responsibility of the whole family on his tiny shoulders, You’re doing good. Even if they didn’t tell you.
To that boy who is reading this, You are beautiful, You are strong, You are the real super man. I see your struggles.



To that girl
To that girl who looks in the mirror everyday trying to conceal,
Your marks don’t make you ugly. They tell me a story about you.
To the girl that stands in the bathroom naked holding on to the fat that hangs from her body,
Your fat doesn’t make you undesirable, you look as normal as anyone else.
To the girl that stutters as she is called to speak in front of everyone, we will never laugh at you. Your voice is so beautiful.
To the girl who gets lost in the voices of the extroverts, I see you. I see you looking around trying to tell a story with your eyes.
To the girl who finds it hard to smile, Your smile is so sweet and precious. I will help you find it.
To the girl who is fighting the world against all the prejudices, Your image within me is a blank canvas. Come and fill in your colors.
To the girl who married early and is mocked for it, You are stronger than most of us. While we took care of us, you took care of everything.
To the girl who is reading this, you are beautiful, you are loved, you are a superwoman. And I see your struggles.



This is a sunset I will recognize for years to come. This was the only surprise date I was ever on. This day was spent with one of very few men who ever really knew me. He knew where to take me and what to do to make it one of my favorite days. I laughed so hard that day.
Maybe that day and the sunset following it is part of the reason I never let anyone close to me again. After everything we went through, we couldn't last a few months apart? I still don't know what happened. I laughed and cried harder with you than anyone else before or since. I actually cared and tried harder for the future. I let my kid get close to you because I thought we would have that intangible happily ever after.
And then you just disappeared. You just fell off the fucking earth with no explanation and my blood has run cold since. My heart beats, still, but more shallowly, as would any heart that was left starved and abandoned on a mountain side like deformed child were in ancient Greece.. I loved you more than you, or anyone, could ever fathom.
So imagine my surprise when I saw your face back in town.. Imagine my surprise when the stranger I held the door open for was the man I once knew everything about, every fear, every mannerism, every moment of guilt and shame, every crease on your face caused from laughter, every emotion and how you could tell it from the sound of your voice, every freckle, every scar.. You were even in the same coat, the same dirty, torn up coat that you always wore. The same stained work boots. The same cut up, oil stained hands. Oh, how I wanted to slam that door in your face hard enough to shatter the glass! It had been years and you suddenly reappeared in this tiny Town.. I see your face all the time and have to pretend that you're a stranger that I've never met. Maybe that's half true now. Years can change a person. Maybe I don't know you anymore but that only makes it worse because I did. And you knew me. You knew that I needed out of this town, to a place where we wouldn't know anyone and wouldn't have any interruptions. You knew what place to go, what to do, what to say/do to make me laugh, you knew where to get food, you knew. What happened?



Is life worth living? Is there a meaning to everyone’s life? If it is worth living, then why hasn’t god given enough?

The day I received these questions and was asked to write about this, I was shocked. Because the first thought was that, this is a call for help. It might not seem so in the first look. But as you read it again and again you will understand me.
These questions are something I used to ponder over a lot. But as an answer to this question, I have a story for you. I am usually a very jumpy person on the outside. Over the years I have toned down but essentially I’m the same. Towards the end of 2016, I had the worst time of my life. I hit rock bottom. And at that time, I asked a similar question to a friend of mine. Lets call that person D. I asked D “Even if I didn’t exist, the world would stay the same right?”. I remember D getting angry and hurt at my question. And one question that hit me the most was, “Am I some patch of grass that you just walked on? Don’t I have any effect on your life?” That day I realised my value in others’ life.
My dear, life is worth living. It is worth living for yourself. It is worth living for the people you love. It is worth living for your haters. Life is never going to bring you a perfectly happy day. It will bring you a lot of normal days with happiness, sorrows and pain hidden in them. It is our duty to find those hidden gems. This life is worth living. Without you, this world wouldn’t be the same it is today. You are the reason for a ton of smiles. God has given us more than we will ever need. Maybe that is why we don’t know how to handle this situation. Because he gave us way more than we need to handle everything.

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