jakes pov: tessa and i broke a few days ago. i’m still heartbroken. but i don’t think she is. she is always smiling. i haven’t smiled since we broke up. she made me happy. i just wish i could have her back.
tessa’s pov:jake and i broke up a few days ago. don’t get me wrong i’m heartbroken but i’m trying to get over it. i don’t really show my emotions. i try to stay happy. but i’ve seen jake and he hasn’t smiled. he stopped vlogging. i want to move on from this. i don’t want it to weigh me down. i want to talk to jake but i feel it would be awkward. —�—�
t-hey jake.
j-oh. hey t.
t-everything okay?
j-no. i miss you.
t-jake i’m sorry. the break up was for the best of us. we are better as friends.
j-oh. *walks away*
t-wait. jake. don’t leave
j-why the girl i love doesn’t love me anymore
t-i love you. but not in that way. i’m sorry jake. you’ll find someone.
j-your right.
t-you okay now?
j-sure. i’m gonna go talk to erika.
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@emilioivanfp ITS OUR SONG
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Baby that's righhhttt!!!🔥🔥✌️ -
Song: Women by- Kesha
Inspired by: @huggingtessa @illyanasedits


What makes me even more sad that he knew her while he was with Tessa this so disrespectful if it was a new girl im all the way fine with it :) @imchancesutton Tessa deserves better even if she's the one who break up with you but now you proved that you deserve it man #chessa is a lie . @tessabrooks you deserve the world so the world won't stop for him stay strong beautiful ❤️ily // #terika #powerfulemotions #jerika #jessa #tessabrooks #team10 #temilio #Talissa #chlogan #chancesutton #jakepaul #hannie #teamten #martineztwins #erikacostell #anthonytrujillo #chanthony #tanthony #chessaisreal #brooksters #alissaviolet #temilio #emiliomartinez #ivanmartinez #nickcrompton #camilacabello #shawnmendes #hopeforchessa #youtube #hannieisreal #jerika


Tessa brooks insta story 🙂😇 my water mark is moved over I don’t know why but 😕😃
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I think they are a thing now... but if he’s happy I’m happy💕


they’re so cute oml


Chapter 6
I went to try again and he stopped me.
T~Can I help you?
C~Well it would be nice considering I've helped you twice now.
T~So funny now move.
C~Why would you lie.
T~I don't lie.
C~You just told everyone you and Erika walked home last night I think we both know you didn't sunshine.
T~If I said 'oh yeah I got in the car with THE chance-
T~Don't you think people will start talking, 'omg the new girl hooked up with the fuckboy of the school, what a slut'
C~I feel like you just insulted me in that sentence.
T~Good.you deserve it.
C~How, I save your life twice and I deserve this.
T~Okay then. Thank you for saving my life twice but it would be nice if you would get out of my life now.
C~Sorry to break it to you sunshine but we have friends that are pretty close.
T~Stop with the sunshine for god sake, don't speak to me at all then.
C~If there was a competition in who's the moodiest you would win first.
T~And if there was one on the biggest douche bag of all time you'd win too.
C~ I don't like your attitude.
T~ And I don't like you.
I moved his hand and barged past him, walking out to Erika.
E~Why were you in there.
T~Long story.
E~I have time.
She looked really confused, in a matter of seconds her face changed into shocked, her mouth open and not blinking. I realised she was looking behind me and I knew exactly who was there.I stayed facing Erika.
T~Thanks for that sunshine, your the best.
I knew he was smirking behind me I could feel it. I grabbed Erikas hand and we walked out school.
E~You better explain why the fuck you and Chance were in the boys toilets alone because if you went to 4th base in them toilets I don't thin-
T~ERIKA! Shh people are staring and ew no he's lucky to even have me in a metre of him.
I explained everything.
E~Okay that makes sense.
E~You two are like flirting though right.
T~Not at all.Arguing.
E~Thats how friends with benefits starts.
T~Friends with what
E~Benefits, you aren't dating or anything you just hook up all the time, no feelings involved.
T~Oh Jesus.
E~What it could turn into that.
T~He's been through so many girls I'm not having sex with him.
E~*mumbles* you haven't seen his body yet.
T~What was that?


L: ok guys we gotta go see ya later logang I love all of you!|
(You and Logan went inside Lydia’s car and drove away still hearing screaming)
L: well that was chaos|
You: yeah it was..|
L: ...|
(The car was silent for the whole ride)
L: thanks Lydia for driving us|
Lydia: no problem see you guys later|
(You and Logan went inside and sat in a booth)
L: so..how’d you sleep?|
You: pretty good..you?|
L: meh it was ok I was editing all night and coming up with ideas for the vlogs|
You: don’t you ever get tired?|
L: what do you mean?|
You: like get tired of vlogging?|
L: nah I love it|
You: but how can you do it everyday?|
L: just knowing that I have the logang motivates me everyday|
You: i’m impressed|
L: why?|
You: I could never do that|
L: it’s kinda hard but you get used to it|
You: what about the attention?|
L: well privacy is a hard thing to have when there’s a camera wherever you go|
You: and the questions?|
L: huh..I see where your going..|
You: Logan we have to talk about this at some point|
L: well let’s talk then|
You: well..|
L: y/n..what are we?|
I have so many good ideas where this story can go😁 follow me @logandagiraffe for more😊
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