Nice little #sliceofparadise !🚣‍♀️🌴 It’ll be a bummer when the start to build on this empty lot. #intheneighborhood #canalview #chillydecemberafternoon #views #singerisland #thepalmbeaches #palmtrees #palmtreesinparadise


Good evening, and Happy Tuesday! It was damp and dreary this afternoon so I brightened my day by wearing my favorite hat and bumping some Vagabond Maurice while running errands. Have a tanfastic Tuesday, everyone!
'Bittersweet coffee on her lips,
Miss be that goddess, kiss taste like summer sun,
Or winter moon, or fall rain's nostalgia, flavor of magic,
Stellar, nebula,
Watching falling stars and queens, Nubian nutella,
Tell her that her halo will bring an infinite rhetoric,
Her algorithm transcribed on the taste of her skyline,
I've climbed so high, constellations cover them knuckles,
While stardust chills, breath, love manifest from the slow stroke of the cosmos,
Drifting in her sea of stars, floating in an ocean of God,
Saturn rings around her tongue when I orbit her planet,
Journey til the end of the night, ready, set, bloom,
Cruising through her grooves like vinyl records, when I move,
Whisper wind synonyms in between her hymns,
Hieroglyphics forming them love notes, on her love lines,
If God is in us, she felt the gospel when I entered her chapel,
I taste like sin,
Bittersweet kisses from my queen,
Coffee, black, linger on her lips,
Sticking to her groove when I blew hues to blow minds,
Pursue blues, candlelit cigarettes, cannabis retraced the steps in the sky,
Blasting them holes into the night til she dreamt sunshine' - Vagabond Maurice