Inked for life


1. How old are you? 🔢 -19

2. What does your little call you?
🗣️ -dada,daddy,sir,king, etc.

3. Do you have other caregiver friends?👨‍👩‍👧 no

4. Are you open about being a caregiver?👨👧

5. What are your favorite movies?📽️ a clockwork orange, dead poets society

6. What are your favorite things to do with your little?👧🏻 play games, teach, talk to their stuffies, cuddle, cook, tell jokes, spoil them.

7. Would you ever let your little be in little space outside?🎀 absolutely!

8. What are your favorite colors?🖍️ purple, red, black

9. What are your favorite shows to watch with your little?🖥️ the office, adventure time, AHS, Scooby Doo, ALL the cartoons!

10. Do you imagine a future with your little?💍 absolutely, forever and always 💙Daddy💙


⭐️1. How old are you? 🔢
I'm 16! ⭐️2. What's your little age? 👧🏻
My little age ranges from 1 to 6 ⭐️3. What stuffie is your favorite? 🐻
My stuffie Alpaca!! ⭐️4. Do you have pacis or sippy cups? 🍼
Yes I do!! ⭐️5. Do you like diapers? 🌻
I have medical issues that require me to wear them and they help with little space as well. So yes!! ⭐️6. What's your favorite things to do with your CG? 👨‍👩‍👧
Color, play games, sing, cuddle. There's so many things! ⭐️7. What are your favorite movies? 📽️
Juno, Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, etc.
⭐️8. Do you have a blankie? 🌙
Yes!! My favorite is gray, with skulls and cats on it!! ⭐️9. What's your favorite color? 🖍️
I can't choose! Every color deserves love. ⭐️10. Do you imagine a future with your cg? 💍