A very damp joey at the #coombabahwetlands


So I've been sitting on the side of the road close to two hours with this little roo .
Little fella has some hecktic injuries
#wildlife #wildliferescue #kangaroo #easterngrey #animals don't be a cunt, if ya have hit a animal do the the right thing and pull up


This little boy came in last night. Nobody stopped to check his mums pouch for a couple of days and he was freezing cold & hungry when he was finally found & cut from his dead mum. He drinks his bottle well and is now nice and warm. ☘️
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#tiny #friend keeping me #tired
#easterngrey #kangaroo #joey #rescue #Amaroowildlifeshelter #driveslowly #Orphaned #australianwildlifecare oh how I hope this boy makes it back to the bush one day. All the work is worth it ❤


How fortunate it is to know the amazingly talented photo maker @martyjwalker and have beautiful work by @kanimblaclay when it has rained for four weeks and I have a twelve hour deadline! Thanks so very much guys!! X




Follower, travel photographer @uppix_photography shares this kangaroo. Visit his page for more interesting visions he's encountered!
@Regrann from @uppix_photography - #Australian #easterngrey #kangaroo taken just on #dusk #sunset near #woodstock #newsouthwales #australia . #native #animal #nativeaustralian #countryaustralia


Always nice to come across these guys when I'm out walking. #kangaroo #easterngrey #australia


“Spring Racing Roo”

Some of you may remember my first “Racing Roo” that I captured in 2005 & posted about 8 months ago, if not scroll through my gallery & check it out. It was a similar shot that I captured by accident, which has inspired me to try & do a series of motion blurs. Personally I find it so difficult to get a nice blur that I’d consider worthy of sharing, it ends up in a lot of wasted moments, hence why I don’t do it too often. I find the best time to do it is in poor lighting conditions that don't allow you to get a fast shutter speed, which means I can go out even in the poorest conditions or stay out for a bit longer on dusk and still have a goal image.

This shot however was captured in bright conditions, because I wanted to make use of all the colourful wildflowers, I feel it’s far better than my first motion blur shot over an decade ago, but there’s still room for improvement, if only I got the eyes in focus! Anyway, the challenge is all part of the fun.

Roo’s racing out on roads is a huge problem here in #Australia, they can do some real damage to our vehicles’ and we are doing some real damage to our ecosystems. Tasmania is the roadkill capital of the world, with an average of 32 animals killed every hour on Tasmanian roads and an estimated 300,000-500,000 animals killed every year just in Tassie! This must have a tremendous overall impact on the ecosystems there, when you think about the impact that just a small change can have on an ecosystem.

I will probably go more into this subject at a later date, but I just want to share the fact that many roadkills can be avoided if you just slowdown in the hotspots, they are usually sign posted, so you have no excuse, we just need to accept that we share the roads with our animals.

Your reaction time when you're driving at a 100 km an hour is such that you probably need 60 to 80 metres to stop the vehicle if you were to avoid a collision. If you were travelling at 50 to 60 km an hour, your stopping distance is somewhere between 30 to 40 metres.

1/25; f/10; ISO 100 @ 400mm

Source: “Off Track” Podcast found at abc.net.au/radionational/programs/offtrack/