Yo! I bet you got it twisted
You don't know who to trust
So many playa hating niggas trying to sound like us
Say they ready for the funk, but i don't think they know it
Straight to the depths of hell is were those cowards goin'
Well are you still down nigga, holla when you see me
And let these devils be sorry, but they finally freed me
I got a cariban of niggas, every time we ride (every time we ride)
Hitting mutha-fuckas up when we pass by (when we pass by)
Until i die live the life of a boss playa, cuz even when i'm high
Fuck with me and get crossed later, the futures in my eyez
Cuz all i want is cash and thangs,
A five double 0 benz and flaunting flashy rings uhh
Bitches pursue me like a dream,
Been know to disappear before your eyez, just like a dope fiend, it seems
My main thang was to be major paid
The game sharper than a mutha-fuckin razor blade
Say money bring bitches, bitches bring lies
One niggas getting jealous, and muthafuckas died
Depend on me like the first and fifteenth
They my homies for a second, but these punks won't get me
We got four niggas, and low riders, and ski masks
Screaming thug life every time they pass
All eyez on me!

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