I can scarcely gather them but I will not mince words. Betraying [the construct] of Whiteness has a real cost. The lie of “white supremacy” has been brought to our very doorstep, although truly, it’s been here for centuries. And left unacknowledged, minimized, and ungrieved, it has been swept under the neoliberal rug like a raging infection just under the surface of our culture, because it is impolite and uncomfortable to talk about race. Although, to some eyes, it is blatantly obvious.
It is so fraught with such immense pain, the way Whiteness operates, that when it erupts we gasp: “Evil!” “Mental illness!” “Trump’s America!"
But it is not these things, or at least not these things alone (the mentally ill are statistically more likely to be victims of violent crime rather than perpetrators. The nature of evil can be argued by ponerologists. Trump rose to power not out of the blue but because white people wanted more Whiteness in their lives, and most of us don’t want to take that up with our families, friends, neighbors, schools, etc.)
We can’t even “believe this is happening.” But how could it not? It is the consequence of a cultural illness, this adherence to Whiteness, that has been here since its inception in the 1600’s, with roots in feudal Europe, where perhaps our collective empathy was broken by the burning times and the enclosure of the commons. When we traded our ancestral magic + wisdom for a seat closer to the fire of capitalism.
It cannot go on like this. I am not here to say I know how it all got like this, or what the exact sequence of steps is to fix it. Or even what “it” really is, because I am still learning.
But I am here to listen, to name and trace the outlines of trauma and power and grief, grasping each thread as it connects to others and unravels, spooling out from the past into the uncertain future, until the emperor wears no clothes.

Photo of memorial wall here in #PDX by @megworden


One of the teenagers at the center of Friday's train stabbing in Portland, Oregon, offered an emotional thanks to the two men who died after intervening against a man who had been hurling racist abuse at the women.

Destinee Mangum, 16, spoke to Fox 12 Oregon on Saturday, at times in tears. "They lost their lives because of me and my friend, and the way we looked," she said. "I just want to say thank you to them and their family, and that I appreciate them. Without them, we probably would be dead right now." Mangum's mother told The Oregonian that her daughter, who is black, was with a 17-year-old friend who is Muslim and was wearing a hijab. A man confronted the girls as they were on a MAX train and began telling them that Muslims should die, she said.

The girls moved away from him, but he continued to approach and scream at them, she said. He told them to go back to Saudi Arabia, and that they should kill themselves, Fox 12 reported.

Three men then intervened, and the man slashed them with a knife. Ricky Best, 53, and Taliesin Namkai-Meche, 23, were killed, and 21-year-old Micah David-Cole Fletcher was injured. The suspect, identified as white supremacist Jeremy Christian, was arrested after fleeing on foot and has been charged with aggravated murder. "I just want to say thank you to the people who put their life on the line for me because they didn't even know me," Mangum told Fox 12. .
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May 26 marks the start of the holy month of #Ramadan. Please support our Muslim friends and stand up to #Islamophobia by donating to this fundraiser benefitting the two women in Portland, Oregon whose lives have been forever changed by the painful murders of those who resisted racism and harassment. LINK IN PROFILE.

Link: https://www.launchgood.com/project/muslims_united_for_portland_heroes#/ .
Image via @huffpost
May this Ramadan be filled with peace, love and security for Muslims everywhere. Ramadan Mubarak!


#day129 Because of horrifying hatred and violence, two brave men were stabbed to death, another injured, on Friday night. When faced with racism and bigotry, they heroically protected two Muslim women who were being harassed. Donate to the GoFundMe​ campaigns "Tri Met Heroes" for the 2 slain heroes & "Tri Met Hero Recovery" for the 3rd hero that's in critical condition. How else can you honor them? Image via @amplifierfoundation #stoptheviolence #endracism #endbigotry #portlandstabbing #wethepeople #nojusticenopeace #noracist #endwhitesupremacy #LoveTrumpsHate #bekind


The Pacific Northwest is a bastion of liberal whiteness, where the love is all you need patrol is always out to tell you that your oppression isn't real. On Friday 3 people powered by deep and real love stood up to white violence and saved the lives a couple young Muslim presenting women, 2 lost their lives. It's a sad day for all here in the PACnw, but I am proud of these people because they did what all white folks should be and aren't doing. They were John brown, and we need you all to be John Browns, and that might mean risking your life and if you are willing to do that you are saying, "my comfort and privilege in whiteness is more important than liberation and justice for all." They did what, if you were all doing it, this shit would be done and white supremacy over. I hope their lives were not in vain. I hope the hate that has founded this nation can finally come to light, and we start to rectify and truly heal. Call me an optimist cuz I want to believe it can happen. Living in the Pacific Northwest as a black person has always felt safer than other places I've lived, but in recent years that's changed and I've also awakened to more of the toxicity of white silence which predominates the liberal white folks in this region. Y'all don't want to face it, but you benefit from and perpetuate the white supremacy that allowed for Friday's tragic murders to occur. I mourn for the victims of this brutal attack, their families and communities and young women whose lives were saved, but please don't use this to shut down the real fear and anger oppressed people express. Saying things like "love always wins" is dismissive and actually violent because that's simply not true and if you think so, you don't have a good grasp on the reality of history or our present conditions. You live under a veil of whiteness. Allow for the anger and pain that's a result of oppression. Hear it. Feel t. Take it all in, and if you truly love and care about me, stand up to and dismantle white supremacy. #portland #heroes #endwhitesupremacy #portlandheroes #liberalwhitenessistoxic #endopression


Hate does not belong here.
Not here and not anywhere.

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On May 28th, 1963 the 54th Massachusetts Infantry departs for South Carolina. The US Military would not desegregate until the later years of WWII. #endsegregation #endwhitesupremacy #otdihistory #memorialday #historicalmemory #historicaltrauma #socialjustice #educationjustice #rewritinghistory


Moise Morancy!!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌 Sharing from @urbanpressreport He stopped this pervert from further assaulting an underage girl on the bus. Awesome man. And when those cops tried to arrest him, a black high ranking officer showed up and had him released. 💝💝💝🙌🙌🙌👑👑 #hero #king #man #brave #newyork #blackisbeautiful #blackmancan #positiveblackimages #blackunity #blackman #protector #women #awesome #brothers #proud #blackpower #blackkings #blackinamerica #blackexcellence #lovemypeople #positivenews #stopperverts #endsystemicracism #endwhitesupremacy #blackmenmatter #blackmen #godly #blackcops #blackcommunity #brotherhood


Taliesin Myrddin Namki Meche.
A name that will not be forgotten.
He died protecting two Muslim girls from a white supremacist in Portland. He and Ricky Best.
God bless your families.
You heroes.
#TaliesinMyrddinNamkiMeche #Hero #Faith #Hope #Love #Portland #EndWhiteSupremacy


tfw your "political" practice comes full circle #endwhitesupremacy


This man, Ricky Best, was killed for defending two Muslim girls from a white supremacist.
Sir, you are a hero.
May you rest in peace.
People are trying to set up funds to help his family. He leaves behind four young children.
#Love #Hope #Faith #RestInPeace #Hero #EndWhiteSupremacy #Portland #Oregon #US


This is Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche, one of the three men that confronted a racist on a train in Portland who was threatening and intimidating two Muslim women. The white supremacist cut the throats of two of the men who intervened and wounded the other. The other hero who died was named Ricky Best. This is a frightening episode and an example of domestic terrorism. The two Muslim women never should have been attacked, and the men who interned should still be alive. May we not lose courage. #endislamophobia #endracism #enddomesticterrorism #endwhitesupremacy #nowhitenonsense


Is this not terrorism too? Asking for trump supporters/conservative opinions here. #endwhitesupremacy


Canned food distribution on Claiborne and Washington and outreach work in the 7th ward... #PeoplesAssemblyNola