There is something underneath this sheet I just know it!! Must. Get. It. 🐶🛏😈 #couldbeatreat #momyellsatme #butidontcare #diggingisfun #lovegoldens


Momma says things change... but some things never will 🐾❤️ #transformationtuesday


Hi guys! I'm feeling SO much better now, I'm eating and playing with Charlie again. I'm still very sleepy but doing great. Thank you to everyone who wished me well, I think it was all your well wishes and prayers which helped me 😊 love you all! 💙😘


Happy to be outdoors on days like today 😀


Playing in the rain = Happy pup
Bath time after = Unhappy pup 🐾💦


Lake days are the best days! ☀️🎣🏊🏻 #barleyandryegoldens #dockjumping #lakelife


mom's out flirting on my behalf, meet Zoe my newest crush @melaniemorrisinteriors 🐶❤️


As a golden retriever, I know that shedding is a big part of my life and my parents are so glad to have the Dyson Ball Animal 2 Vacuum to help them keep our floors clean. @Dyson has created a powerful vacuum that has a super strong suction that easily removes pet hair plus other messes that occur in a pet household. The best part of all is the tangle-free turbine, as it helps with stubborn pet hair that clings to all and any surfaces. Mom and dad will tell you that they find my fur in every nook and cranny in the house but that's just because I'm so fluffily awesome! With the Dyson Ball Animal 2, vacuuming is now so much easier to do and allows my parents to maintain a cleaner house in a more efficient manner. Improved efficiency means the parents have more time to spend with me! 🐶🐾 #DysonAnimal #sponsored #oatmealapproved #loveourdyson


It's official! These babies are walking 😍 At 2 weeks and 2 days 💜💜💜 Wasabi is the one who walked to his momma, Stevie ☺️ #SteviesPuppies #Wasabi