Hey guys! Today is my birthday 🎂
Why wasn’t I active for a week?
I realized I might have bipolar disorder. I am happy again, and I am so sorry for depressive posts.
The long ass week passed. It was disaster for me. The week was full of self harm (no blood. I just scratched myself really hard that it made my skin swollen and red, and just strangled myself till the point I couldn’t hear anything and made my brain to hurt. Nothing serious 🤷🏼‍♀️) and full of threatening voices inside my head. The saddest part was when I realized even myself was not my side (it never was though lmao).
I am actually not sure if I actually have bipolar disorder, which made me to be more confused. My mind kept said that I am romanticizing mental illness, and I actually want bipolar disorder when I really didn’t want any of those stuffs. But my brain fooled me to think I am an attention whore wanting a mental illness.
It seriously felt like I had another person in me. But my mind kept said how that is a bullshit, and how I would have controlled myself if I really didn’t want any of those words coming through my mind.
I cried at least twice every fucking day for stupid reasons (or no reason at all).
I felt like an attention seeker when I self harmed or asked for help in one of those Q&A website and other places. I still feel like an attention seeker for telling you all of these, but I had to so you guys will know why I wasn’t active for so long.
I have to work in a workshop for at least 6 weeks for my university (thinking of going to UDK or weißensee), so I am working in a cafe where they sell handmade jewerly, ecobags, skirts, and aprons and experience jewerly making and ecobag drawing. It brought calmness to my mind, and now I am okay.
I didn’t really tell you guys EVERYTHING that happened, but just gave you guys a jist of what happened during the week.
Thank you so much @starbuckshollow and others for cheering me up! And I am sorry that I made you guys to handle my depression 😅😢


Y’know bats, sometimes you gotta look at the world at a different angle 🙃❤️🖤
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This will always be the first DCTV show I watched on the CW
Goodnight 😴


An oldie but a goodie. Throwback to Mega Con Tampa last year! I made the shirt (from scratch because I'm insane) along with the shorts ♦️🃏♠️