Two new words:
1. Sturmfrei (adj) (German Origin). The freedom of being alone and havin the ability to do what you want.
2. Buntot (n) (Filipino origin)
Tail. Or also fondly known as tag along.
🤓 Use in a sentence.
Last year, I was adventuring solo sturmfrei until Orbit came alone and became my buntot.
#memoriesoflastyear (photo taken last spring when I was in puppy learn manners school) and we were on location in Vista at the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum.
🔴 EDIT 1 hour after this post went up 🔴 so I found an article of "24 new travel words you want to learn" and that's where I found Sturmfrei but... someone from our IG fam who actually speaks German provided correct definition.
🔶 sturmfrei actually refers to someone being left alone at home unsupervised, kids in particular. So they're parents would go out and they'd call their friends like "Yo dude, I've got sturmfrei. The folks are out, come on over". For it to work in context, there needs to be a house or a building that has been left by the people who present the authority in the scenario (parents, boss, supervisor, guardian, etc) ...
🤓 ...see... I stand corrected... and don't believe every article you read on the internet. lol.
Momz wanted a 2nd dog the whole time she had Zoey our spirit sis .. and when I came along she stalked sisters like @smidge_and_doodle to figure out if it would work and talked to @bostonterrierpuppy BAE's Mom to see if BAE was ok with a sister in law.
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