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Anyone thinking stylish studded leather gloves for the spring season?
Gift your delicate hands the soft leather they deserve
We have the best designs and we'd be happy to design you a custom one unique to you! -
Model: @brunargalvao
Base gloves: @matsugloves
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Smoking a jay looking for random pics can't give credit don't know who's #sorreh but #thanks


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Into loves chambers you beckon me with passion and meekness, "welcome, these mirrors surrounding you reflect your true eternal being", you say to me. I spin myself around once, gently with the grace of a ballerina, and wisdom floods me like waters from Hoover Dam. "Glorious goddess, the crescendo of my majestic creation, I invite you into a sacred union with me. Enter into the light of my truth, the rest of my grace and the warmth of my love. With me you do not have to suppress your powers, instead you shall open deep into your magnificent inherent spacious soul, giving free expression to the natural liberation of the divine manifold essence that you are. My Kingdom is yours to co-heir, beloved, side-by-side in the sacredness of love. Will you accept my invitation?", you mumble. And before I can say "yes", my heart surrenders and I rapidly ascend bursting into a blinding light.
That's when I knew, this is what we were created for — a sacred romance. -T💋


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"Ma dobbiamo provarci e tenere in vita la speranza e il coraggio."


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