Happy Mother's Day to all of the mamas out there, human and feline alike!

Jesse is 1 of 5 adorable kitties adopted into the @omgdeedee family, who are so fun and full of love!

If you're thinking about becoming a kitty mama or papa, consider adopting from a rescue or shelter in your area, and save a life! ❤❤❤


It's going to be difficult to avoid sunburn on that schnozz, I'm just saying. #jessepinkeye


Happy 1st birthday, Jesse! We are so lucky to have found this guy. He's a sweet, happy little snuggler who loves everyone in the house, a perfect addition to the family, despite the ginger bullshit. He had a rough start and still has some eye problems, but I know he loves his life. Bonus: I have current photos of the rest of the Breaking bad litter that I'll post a bit later. #jessepinkeye


A little throwback transformation Thursday. Jesse's eyes are doing much better in the last month or so. #jessepinkeye


The best little thing about 2016. #jessepinkeye


#tbt to when Jesse was a teeny tiny little maniac #jessepinkeye @omgdeedee #lionking #pyptreehouse


Just try to act natural. #heisenpurrg #jessepinkeye


Jesse, have you ever heard the term "red-headed stepchild"?


Last, but certainly not least... the new guy, Jesse.
#teamgary #jessepinkeye #catconnorcal


Breaking in this new teeny tiny #jessepinkeye #catstache #ibeatangiehere #andpete


Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba
Sithi uhm ingonyama #circleoflife #nothank #jessepinkeye