Fear and love cannot co- exist in a grateful heart at the same moment. The presence of love raises our vibration and casts out fear, anger, and resentment. This reminds us that radical transformation is possible when we decide that it is ✨📿👁️🌊🤸🏼‍♀️



When I am not in the mood but it's still go time....I just pretend to be happy about it until the workout is over...and by that point I am truly happy because the fucker is done!!! 😂😂 Week one of our challenge is almost over and I have to say...I might not be in the mood to suit up and show up...but I do. It takes way too much effort go in circles with myself trying to make up excuses as to why I can't possibly show up for myself today. I choose the easy route...put a smile on that face and get shit done. 💋🤘I always feel amazing afterward!🤗 The next challenge starts Feb 5th! Our group is looking for 5 dedicated women who are ready to take the steps toward a healthier version of themselves...fitness levels range from beginner to pro! Hit me up for details dolls!! 💪❤️💪 ________________________________________

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Day 6 of 80 .. I’m Obsessed with feeling sore .. I’m so excited our trainer built in a foam roller video to do whenever we feel EXTRA tender .. Between all the yummy food, the fun built in Spotify playlist and our secret virtual group, it’s been an amazing week!

I CANNOT WAIT for next week to see what our trainer has for us and I get to use my new weights too!

If you need this in your life.. a no brainer meal plan, at home fitness, and fit family to root for you- I got you! Send us a message let’s do this together 💋


Like seriously OBSESSED with ALL the food we get to eat and ALL the money we get to save on our new at home plan!! This first week of our 80 days has been so much fun!! We don’t have to worry about counting points, calories or even macros 🙌🙌 We get to choose how we design our plan, once we are given directions #simplythebest

What’s for lunch where you are?



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Hey 🌚
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O.M.G !!!! They are here!!! FINALLY!!! I grabbed me some @bowflex selecttech 552s!!! I have been staring at them for months!
12s have been so light for me and these go up to 100.. when I say I’m ALL IN for 80 days I meant it!! I’m so thankful I can write them off too because ya know.. at home online coaching is pretty awesome!! #perksofmyjob
It still is a BIG investment and my kid is excited 😆 I got them too!

Y’all get them at @walmart online they have a great deal on them right now and I’m not sure for how long 🙌

Too bad today is cardio day 😜 I get to play with them on Monday ☝️ Invest in yourself you are worth it!!



caterpillars like heavy metal.
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Rise above the cold and the fog
Smile before someone makes your day
Stretch your mind and seize the day
Today will never come again so make it count
Decide to Rise right now 🙌🙏☝️



The accuracy of this statement is both real and reaffirming. ♎️🖤💀🚬🍷#Repost @libra_quotes_for_real (@get_repost)
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Uses him to play and me to rest.. 😂

Day 5 of 80 OMG not even sure how she comes up with the names of the moves.. Buddha squats kicked my booty for real 😳
I listened to our designed playlist our trainer created on Spotify.. it was one of the things that kept me going because leg day was fun not so fun in a good way.. Friday’s are hard to do work.. put on some Jams 🎶 and get it done 🙌