~ Kitten room decor.

I moved the kitten tree up on top of the organizer to clean, and the kittens climbed up to nap in it.
L-R: Sprout, Tadpole and Pebble.
#kittendecor #lilypondkittens


~ The pond kittens conquer the butterfly toy πŸ¦‹!
I like the way Pebble sits back and finally lets the others smack at the butterfly. So darn cute. I put the toy away for now. They crashed pretty hard after playing with it for so long! #fosterkittens #lilypondkittens


~ New toy πŸ¦‹ (cont'd).
The kittens love it! Little Miss Pebble is still front and center dominating the toy, but check out Tadpole's strong left hook 😹. So much fun!
Thank you again @magneto_0909 for sending this toy from my Amazon wishlist! πŸ’— #kittenplay #lilypondkittens


~ New toy πŸ¦‹ (cont'd). I turned on the butterfly toy to show the kittens how adorable it is. They don't seem to be as spooked by it as before (see previous video). I love it when kittens discover new things! #kittenplay #lilypondkittens


From @fosterkittys: "~ πŸ”‰Volume up!
Turtle and Sprout are out exploring the room, while momma Lily keeps a close eye on them (you can hear her talking to them). Check out their cute little bumper car tails. #fosterkittens #lilypondkittens 🐒 + 🌱" #catslifestagram


~ A new toy! πŸ¦‹
I absolutely love to watch kittens figure out a new toy. Believe it or not, this is little Pebble showing us her brave side, while the boys and Sprout watch and learn. Look at her big fierce tail all puffy and scary! I didn't turn the toy on yet, because as you can see, they are a little spooked. But, I'll post another video of the toy on very soon.
A big thank you to @magneto_0909 for sending me this butterfly toy from my Amazon wish list. I appreciate your kindness!
Also, thank you to whomever recently sent me a litter box from my wish list - it arrived safely, but with no note inside. Please send me a DM so I can thank you properly! #kittenplay #lilypondkittens


~ Lap party with the pond crew. I guess I can't get up until they wake up from their naps. Maybe I should hang a TV in my kitten room? πŸ€” #lapparty #lilypondkittens


~ It's playtime! The kittens are in full play mode, being silly without a care in the world. #kittenplay #lilypondkittens


~ Before the photo shoot. The kittens were waiting patiently for Pebble to join them, but she didn't want to participate. #betterthingstodo #behindthescenes #lilypondkittens


~ I'm dying here! Keep your eyes on the kitten in the middle - Tadpole! πŸ™ˆ.
L-R: 🐭, Tadpole, 🐒.
@catswiththeirtonguesout #catswiththeirtonguesout #lilypondkittens


~ Photo shoot! (cont'd).
Look at these adorable kitten faces! I am so proud of how they have grown and blossomed. Each one is endlessly scrumptious! What wonderful companions they will be ❀️.
L-R: 🐭, 🌱, Tadpole and 🐒. #fosterkittens #lilypondkittens


~ Photo Shoot (cont'd).
Isn't it interesting how all five of the pond kittens are mostly gray, but yet they have different facial features?.
🌱 + 🐒 = ❀️. #lilypondkittens


~ Photo shoot πŸ“·. I find that the best time to photograph kittens is after they have played hard. The pond kittens are the best meowdels! #fosterkittens #lilypondkittens


~ More playtime! I think the friskiest is 🐒. #kittenplay #lilypondkittens


~ With adoptions coming up soon, I'm spending as much time as possible with Lily and the pond kittens. So, it's playtime! And, maybe a few more photo shoots? #fosterkittens #lilypondkittens


~ Sleepy kitten faces 😴.
Just when you think it's only 🐭 and 🌱, Pebble sticks her head up! #fosterkittens #lilypondkittens


~ 1, 2, 3, freeze! The three boys -
L-R: 🐭, Tadpole & 🐒.
#fosterkittens #lilypondkittens


From @fosterkittys: "~ πŸ”‰Volume up!
Turtle and Sprout are out exploring the room, while momma Lily keeps a close eye on them (you can hear her talking to them). Check out their cute little bumper car tails. #fosterkittens #lilypondkittens 🐒 + 🌱" #catslovestagram


~ All five waiting for a toy, and I took too long to throw it in 😹. But, they sure are adorable huddled together like little penguins! .
Back row: Tadpole and Pebble.
Front row: 🌱, 🐭, and 🐒.
#fosterkittens #lilypondkittens


~ The kittens and I discovered a game to play with the laundry basket. They wait patiently for me to toss a new toy inside, and they try to be the first to get it. I especially love their little faces looking up at me. I can play this game all day! #kittenplay #lilypondkittens


~ I like to bring different items into the kitten room for the kittens to explore and play with. A laundry basket can keep kittens stimulated and occupied for hours! #kittenplay #lilypondkittens


~ There's a big 🐒 on my lap!
#fosterkitten #lilypondkittens


~ 🌱 + 🐭 = ❀️.
#fosterkittens #lilypondkittens


~ Tadpole and Pebble are snuggle buddies. They remind me of Kuala bears 🐨🐨 (see the resemblance?). #fosterkittens #lilypondkittens


~ Momma Lily was also spayed and is recovering well.
This photo was taken shortly after she weaned the kittens and was separated from them. You can see in the photo that her milk glands were very engorged with milk, similar to humans once breast feeding has ended. It usually takes a few weeks for the milk to dry up, and during this time she hung out with me, enjoying a normal family life. She gets along wonderfully with my Jojo and Bear, and she even tolerates my Australian Shepherd, Rylee.
I have to say that Lily has one of the best temperaments I've ever seen, and the family adopting her will be very lucky to have her! #fosteringsaveslives #lilypondkittens


~ The kittens are all recovering well from their spay/neuter surgeries.
I walked in to find them all piled together napping at the top of the cat tree.
My big boy 🐒 is a greeter, and he wanted to come down to see me, but 🌱 thinks he needs a bath instead. What a deliciously scrumptious group of kittens they are. I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed them!
I plan to take as many photos as I can before they leave for their forever homes! #fosterkittens #lilypondkittens


~ The very dainty and petite Pebble. What a sweet sweet girl she is. #fosterkitten #lilypondkittens


~ Leaning tower of kittens! Group photo (missing 🌱).
L-R: Pebble, Tadpole, 🐭, and 🐒.
#fosterkittens #lilypondkittens


~ I found 🐭 and 🌱 sleeping in the toy basket together. I love how they were snuggling and their sleepy faces. #fosterkittens #lilypondkittens


~ More kittens posing for me. What an easy group to photograph! I should really think about doing a fosterkittys calendar!
L-R: 🐭, Pebble and Tadpole

#fosterkittens #lilypondkittens