DOT ✖️ Light ❌ Selfie

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Light attracts people..
People take photos.. This is an enormous bank of light bulbs that pulse, flash and beam across Pancras Square. The 175 light bulbs in Philippe Morvan's DOT respond to a soundtrack composed specially for Lumiere London by Solomon Grey, signed to @mercurykx /Universal Music. Alongside the music, patterns start to appear – an ever-changing panorama of horizontal and vertical lines, spheres and cubes.

French visual artist and set designer Morvan lives in Lyon. He’s interested in using sound and light to create narratives that respond to specific locations. His work has been shown across the world from Beijing to Jerusalem, Budapest to Xi’an.

Lumiere London is on until the 21st of January.



Glow in the dark

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When the spectator glows more than the spectacle!! This is a colourful cord construction, which is illuminated by night to create a striking spectacle. Spectral is a powerfully poetic installation, where natural and constructed elements combine in St James's Square.

The young artistic Polish duo Katarzyna Malejka and Joachim Slugocki studied at the department of visual arts at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland. Their work mostly explores abstract and geometric shapes, often embedded in natural environments. In addition to their collaborative works, Malejka explores new media through her own installations, while Slugocki is a painter and video artist.




What a lucky find on my way home from London! The Lumiere Festival is on this weekend and I happened to be passing through Piccadilly at the right time to see this amazing display @hotelcaferoyal. It was truly mesmerising. Did anyone else catch a glimpse this weekend?


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Can I get a pizza ? But mostly importantly can I get a Panzo Pizza? It’s just too irresistible 😋 | Beautiful 📷: @tiwidot