Dave E. Matias

Quick bathroom selfie 🤳with this sweetheart.❤️ #mayahope #baby #instagirl #loveher #daddysgirl #selfie #smiles ✨#happy


James Julian

This little girl is just the cutest, she can be the biggest pain in the arse but forget all that when I watch this 😘 #darcie #niece #cute #uncle #Newcastle #home #loveher


Patrycja Nowak
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Kinga 🔥❤️

Kocham ! 💖💗💕 #snap#loveher#wiki 👳🏿


Ronan O'Driscoll
∇▲Maria Orsola Barbato▲∇
Federica Di Noia.
Magda Dróżdż

Moja Julia 😃💕 21 lat przyjaźni, znosi mnie od zawsze , moja wrednosc jej nie przeszkadza 😃 gdybym chciała ukryć zwłoki ona zrobilaby to ze mną 😃😃 Dwa pierwsze zdjęcia to 2012 rok, ostatnie 2016 - ona była juz blondynka, czarnula, miała różowe włosy, fioletowe, czarne kreski zamiast brwi, doczepiala kudly potem ryk bo lecą na łeb i szyję a ja? A ja ciągle ruda i piękna jak diabli 😃😃😃
#esteelauder #doublewear #Alina_bff #friendsforever #loveher #ginger #ruda #oldphoto #piekneimlode #memories


Trevor Silvera

Thank you for the chocolates @eveeleen .. saving this one for you!
If it survives. 🤣
My work associates went IN!
Or did I eat them all??? Muahahahahaaha!
#shesSosweet #loveHer


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Stephen James Kitchen
Amber Zimmerman

I can't believe this little man is almost 5 😱 he so cute! So is my baby photobombing in the back lol #lovehim #loveher #mybabies #myworld #nomakeup #akwardsmile #awkwardchild #stopgrowing


Jillian Kent
Taslim Jaffer

Today I felt the panic rising in my throat. I've said yes to a public speaking opportunity that I normally would feel excited about. Although the topic is one I share about easily - creating a life that is authentic to me - the format is new, and that sets this outside my comfort zone. I have deadlines and rehearsals looming for this talk plus of course, there are my usual work commitments, and...and...and...
When the youngest went down for her nap I knew that what I really needed to do was make myself a cup of tea, shut down my laptop and write a letter to a friend. Not just any friend, but one of my closest friends in high school who, during those years shared my love of poetry and literature, and then during one of the darkest times of my adult life gently pushed me forward in my artistic recovery.
So I filled two pages for her, back and front, talking about dreams and art and books and this upcoming talk. As I wrote, I envisioned myself telling the audience about Lindsay and her role in reminding me that it was never too late to pick up my pen again.
The letter is signed and sealed, the panic has subsided. Writing to my friend who knows my artist soul has me excited to share what I know about the benefits of listening to that inner voice. In a new format? Yes. I can rise to that challenge. I've risen before and I have the love of everyone who's walked with me on this path. ❤


Qu€€n Shahara Love 👑💜🌻♑
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Jamie de Wal🌲

"I have to ask you. Is a shoe line next?"
Celine's answer "I hope so" 😂 #celinedioncollection #loveher #celiniac #celinedion


Margarette Mattos

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