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То, во что Вы верите и чего ожидаете всей душой и всем сердцем, — обязательно произойдет. #goodvibesonly #loveofmylife #loveisintheair #mysonmysun #familyfirst #workinghard #ссыномпоклубам #наконецтодорос #bestoftheday


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I'm a day late with this post; I wanted to do this yesterday
But here it goes...
I'm sorry I got into bad things I shouldn't have. I'm sorry I lost control of who I was. I'm sorry I let specific things consume me. I'm sorry I talked to people I shouldn't have, the ones who influenced me negatively. I'm sorry for being dishonest. I'm sorry I was a disappointment. I self destructed. It took me time to grow up and realize what life and reality was and the consequences that go with being careless. I became a monster. No one deserved that. But especially not you. You have given me more than I ever thought I deserved. You make me feel so special, and worth the world. You make me feel beautiful. You make me feel more alive than I have ever felt before. You've taught me so much, and especially how to think for myself. Thank you for being patient with me and walking with me through this journey of life. Thank you for seeing the good in me and having your hand in mine while I grow. Thank you for your forgiveness. And most importantly, Thank you for never giving up on me. You've been my best friend for seven or more years now... We are a team. I promise I wouldn't want anyone else by my side and I promise to always keep the promise of my love.
You are the most beautiful girl I've ever had the pleasure to spoil, kiss, and hold. You're my queen, and I promise to never ever hurt you. There's only big smiles from here.


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Обновление решило главную проблему девушек -"какую фотку выставить?" 😄😜🙈👸🏻🌺
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Мужчины, защищайте нас хрупких девушек, любите нас, балуйте нас и уважайте , мы любим вас даже если вы иногда нас бесите , оставайтесь мужчинами
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My Smart girl on her first day of kindegarten school, i love to made a candid picture especially on her precious moment on her life 😍😍😍 #lovely #precious #preciousmoments #loveofmylife #proudmom #daughter #motherdaughter #firstdayofschool #borntobewinner #memories #beautifulgirls #indonesiangirl


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