L'ordine è importante, ma almeno un capello fuori posto è la "vita"... 😱😱buongiornoo...#memoriesoflastyear #equanticapelli #equanticapricci #ilovemyhear #tuttofuoriposto #🙄😬 #buongiornomondo❤ #goodmorningworld #bomdiameubrasil #🇧🇷


c н a n т a l у
Sabina Dzierwa
Boston Terrier Sisters

Two new words:
1. Sturmfrei (adj) (German Origin). The freedom of being alone and havin the ability to do what you want.
2. Buntot (n) (Filipino origin)
Tail. Or also fondly known as tag along.
🤓 Use in a sentence.
Last year, I was adventuring solo sturmfrei until Orbit came alone and became my buntot.
#memoriesoflastyear (photo taken last spring when I was in puppy learn manners school) and we were on location in Vista at the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum.
🔴 EDIT 1 hour after this post went up 🔴 so I found an article of "24 new travel words you want to learn" and that's where I found Sturmfrei but... someone from our IG fam who actually speaks German provided correct definition.
🔶 sturmfrei actually refers to someone being left alone at home unsupervised, kids in particular. So they're parents would go out and they'd call their friends like "Yo dude, I've got sturmfrei. The folks are out, come on over". For it to work in context, there needs to be a house or a building that has been left by the people who present the authority in the scenario (parents, boss, supervisor, guardian, etc) ...
🤓 ...see... I stand corrected... and don't believe every article you read on the internet. lol.
Momz wanted a 2nd dog the whole time she had Zoey our spirit sis .. and when I came along she stalked sisters like @smidge_and_doodle to figure out if it would work and talked to @bostonterrierpuppy BAE's Mom to see if BAE was ok with a sister in law.
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arun gaur g
Arun Kumar

Even if you cover the whole world in darkness, you can never stop the sun from rising. #MemoriesOfLastYear



Took a roadtrip up along the west coast last year with @aubreylacetaylor this is Cape Flattery in my home state Washington.
#capeflattery #pnw #nikon #memoriesoflastyear


Rebecca Moore
Lucy Hope ❄
arun gaur g
➳ em.grz ↟↟↟
aditya chobe
Yogi Alfreda
corazon partosa
Karolina Sowińska
Nadja Kellenberger

Cảm ơn các bạn rất nhiều vì ngày hôm nay , cảm ơn vì đã trở thành bạn của nhau, cảm ơn vì đã trở thành một phần trong tuổi trẻ của mình, cảm ơn vì dù có rất nhiều chuyện xảy ra nhưng vẫn chưa từng rời đi , cảm ơn vì vẫn luôn đối tốt với mình như vậy , cảm ơn rất nhiều. Hãy cùng nhau trải qua quãng thời gian còn lại trong năm cuối cùng của quãng đời học sinh nhé.
Yêu thương và trân trọng.
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kath ♥
Nining Purwathy

yg tdix tdk sling kenal tpi skarang kyak saudara sndiri😚
#memoriesoflastyear #smuatrangbasudara


Cristina Serban
Ritz Barla

"一年的體驗" 自創😀 #piano #memoriesoflastyear


Hyunsoo Cho

#하늘 #가을 #bluesky #autumn #memoriesoflastyear #fall2015 #fall2016
The recent weather in Korea has been reminding me of America so much, especially the sky this morning. The cool autumn breeze and super clear blue sky bring back memories of heading out from Leonardtown, going to my morning classes, Target, or Georgetown on weekends. Plus my feed on Fb and instagram are filled with pics of the US because sooo many people I know are currently staying there as exchange students..making me miss America even more.
Wish I could just walk around UMD campus😢
#universityofmaryland #willalwayscherish #sentimentalmorning #reminiscing
주위에 교환을 간 사람들의 사진들과 푸르르르르런 하늘 덕분에 요즘 미국 다시 많이 생각난다! 항상 간직할 소중했던 시간들. 다들 내가 행복했던만큼 행복하길..!
아침에 잘 센치해지지 않는데 개강전증후군인갑다.


Ruby L. Bilgera

News Alert: Marami na ang mga magagandang nagmumukhang panget.Ahahahahaha

I'm sorry Pearly but I can't help not to post this, I know you're a perfectionist but
our face was sooo disgusting xD

I bet no one would ever like this.. #memoriesoflastyear #terrible #epic #tb


Anthem For Today

Why so down in the dumps? Spread your wings and fly!
Going to @kingdomboundofficial always cheers me up. See you tomorrow!