A haiku

Sometimes i wonder,
What is the purpose of this?
Is there a meaning?



Und als einer von Millionen steh ich hier und schau nach oben, frag mich wo du gerade bist und wie es da wohl ist. [In diesem Moment - Roger Cicero] 🌱
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I fell in love in a supermarket//



Lets go on a journey

Lead me to the inner workings of your mind.
Let me wander deep into your thoughts.
The very thoughts that guide you in the subconscience.
Take me on a trip that will make me question reality.

What will i find when i go?
What is awaiting on the other side?
Will i find hopes for a better tomorrow?
Will i find the things you keep buried?

Take me to the place where your limits manifest.
I can help discredit them on the condition,
That you help me transcend onto a better reality.

Let us wander until we stumble upon a purpose.
This journey is filled with the very things deep inside your mind.
They are waiting to show you who you are.
Like mirrors of the subconscious mind.


Any minute now

Models: Jeremy & Bruce

Not sure if they were upset with how many pictures I was taking but they look pretty impatient.


Checked shirt

Model: Jiriaya

Loved this shot also. Kids can be so mellow.


Awaiting the bride

Models: Jeremy & Bruce

I love photographing children. They always have specific expressions on their faces that they hold for a second or two before changing it. This is one of my favorite shots.