The tranquil valley was swaddled in a veil of poltergeist-white mist. It was eerily silent in the valley and the reason was obvious. The deathly vapour didn’t lick the valley’s cold floor as the wind was known to do. Its tongue less form wouldn’t allow it to. Instead, it warped nature by using its spineless tentaclesto trail around everything. It drifted and ghosted, glided and dangled. Then it pounced. Once it was sure it had conjured up enough of its milky white substance, it clung to and enrobedeverything it could. Nothing was spared. It snagged and snared every crag and tree without mercy.

Although it looked ethereal and gossamer-fragile, it packed a punch far above its weightlessness. It writhed and coiled with delight, its ghostly scarves wrapping the valley in a maze of mist. Then its age-old enemy arrived to banish it into nothingness. Darts of icy rain came spitting from the sky. They hissed and swished, shredding the veil into collars of isolated steam. Increasing in intensity, fat droplets of soaking rain purged the valley of any remaining mist. The incessant rain swelled the river, bursting its banks. It turned peat-brownimmediately, rumbling through the valley’s rocky caverns. This time, the rain had won.
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In the end we are all just our own memories bottled up inside of a beautiful work of art. - RH Fowler
Picture credits: @tanviip


Haggard face be like... Filter para effect! Kay grabe na kagutom!😂 COT to DVO then DVO to COT
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Natürlich kommen auch Wünsche ins #gedankenbuch 😆und mein Wunsch ist, einmal Midsommar in Schweden erleben zu dürfen...Irgendwann einmal 🌼🌼🌼
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Are you following out friend @anne.lines? Annelies embarked on a brilliant project to draw new lines every day for a year. Follow her account to check out her experiments with lines and colours on daily basis. We are honoured that this year she chose to use our grand voyageurs and notebooks to work with. We ❤ this drawing and combination of colours and shapes from her latest work. Repost from @anne.lines


Working through my birthday to do list this weekend! Exciting! 🎂🎉🎈


Do you reckon if I run away and hide they won't send me home?? #switzerland #switzerlandwonderland #swissalps #travellersnotebook


By @why_ajie
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Experimenting with bookmarks that don't just fall out. This one gets slid over the page and wraps around it.
Just cut one strip of paper, double the height of your page plus a centimeter to glue and as wide as you would like. Fold the paper so it wraps around your page nicely and glue it together.
Now decorate your bookmark however you would like. Done!

Ich experimentiere momentan mit Lesezeichen, die nicht rausfallen. Dieses hier wird einfach aufgeschoben und umschließt die Seite.
Einfach einen Streifen Papier zurecht schneiden, der doppelt so lang ist, wie die Seite, plus einen Zentimeter zum Kleben und so breit, wie gewünscht. Den Papierstreifen so falten, dass er um die Seite passt und zusammen kleben.
Dann das Lesezeichen nach Belieben dekorieren. Fertig!
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