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d a y  t e n
What does being outbound mean to you?

Walking the eight limb path, twisting and turning and finding yourself back at the beginning over and over again. Go deeper, see differently, learn more, grow. Moving from a sense of separation, of otherness, of fear. Uncovering, unravelling, diving into the mess. Moving to a sense of unity, to oneness, to love. Expanding consciousness, living authentically. My humans. All humans. Our tribe. Outbound.

We do not see things as THEY are, we see things as WE are.



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d a y  n i n e
Stock up on resources!

Cats! My snuggly fat-cat especially, but all cats too.

Music! I have a playlist called 'repeat' of all the songs I could listen to a million times, a 'state change' playlist I made after Tony Robbins with good vibes songs, and sometimes I just pick something based on my mood and turn it up loud.

My mantra: so hum. It comes to me in moments when my mind gets loud and reminds me of my breath, a different way of being, and gives me something to focus on.

Romantic movies. Love them. All over it.

My planner. When I feel up in the air it helps ground me.

Helping someone else. Nothing makes me feel more like me then listening when my humans need it, maybe saying some words back, and especially doing specific tasks for them. Feeling useful and needed, yaassss.


d a y e i g h t
Take action!

I am going to walk with my head up, and if I catch someone's eyes I am going to acknowledge they are a human who exists with a nod, smile or hello.

It is engrained in me so deeply to lower my head as I walk, physically, emotionally, mentally. It creates in body posture what is experienced inside, FEAR.

I live in a big busy building and almost every day I encounter people in the halls and elevator, and I look down and wait for the moment that I'm free of that stuck trapped energy.

I am also a woman, who has been trained by society to act small, quiet and obedient. This training is reinforced by every man in the street who has verbally attacked me.

So this is obviously a practice of discomfort, because if it scares you, it's exactly what you should be doing! More importantly though it is a practice of showing up in this world, being vulnerable, creating connection, and walking the walk.

The path I pain-stakingly rip through the thick undergrowth of change will create space for other humans to follow behind me with confidence.



d a y s e v e n
Set your intention.

It is my intention to guide people to their light, and then to nurture fucking bon fires! 🔥

I want the experience of knowing me, and interacting with me, to show people another way of being, a transcendent perspective. I want to be a contagious example of possibility, vulnerability, hope, unfiltered realness and joy.

Empowered humans, empower humans.


d a y s i x
What's working?

As @amandakellyyoga would say, everything is working!! ❤️

For the record, my life didn't look like this even one year ago, so I'm some kind of crazy proof of what is possible.

I cut back on serving to a pretty minimal schedule, and this has allowed me to still pay the bills while focussing on the things I love like yoga, meditation, reading and dancing! Plus my co-workers are more like family, and the view is beautiful.

After literally the best experience of my life teaching with @outboundyoga at the Mountain Top YTT this summer, I have been offered a real jerb. This means I work for my DREAM company. I have never felt so aligned with anything in my life. I am head over heels, I am so lucky and grateful, I am bursting at the seams with joy for this being MY life.

The humans I spend time with are top notch. There are no better, I found the best. They are down for change and growth, they are cool to be messy, silly, silent, serious, wild, uncomfortable.... you name it, and they are supportive AF. If you are the people you spend the most time with, I'm killing it.

That's only the beginning! I get to teach yoga to beautiful humans every Wednesday, sit with the brightest lights for philosophy every Tuesday, and explore my personal practice with all kinds of unreal teachers and friends. I live in an apartment that makes me feel like a Queen with my Fat-Cat who loves me always.

Lately, it feels really good to have set my intentions for the year, and to be working on them actively. I feel like I am making changes I have always wanted to make, and I'm fucking unstoppable.


d a y  f i v e
What is it time to let go of?

It is time for me to let go of the grudge I'm holding against myself. I forgive myself for every time I fucked up, said or did the wrong thing, every time I was unkind, for everything I lost and everything that could have been. I was doing the best that I could with what I knew. I am learning and growing. I am grateful for imperfection, for what already IS.

It is time to let go of fear. When people say what are you afraid of, I always answer with EVERYTHING. I'm afraid of bugs, needles, crowds, germs, failure. It is time to lead with love. To make heart decisions, without letting my head get in the way, until it catches up with this way of being.

It is time to let go of attachment. To the way I thought things would be, and to the way I want things to be. Mostly to the outcome of every single action I take. I am creating room for unexpected beauty. The meaning in my life comes from this moment only, and in that there is freedom and joy.



d a y f o u r
What is holding you back?

I am holding me back.

My old thought patterns, my blueprint is a vicious bully. When I am not acting from my true self, and this auto-tape turns on I don't value myself, I don't speak up, I isolate, I don't treat my body well, and I keep myself living small and quiet.

Even when I'm more myself, and those thoughts are mumbling or absent, I am still often holding back. I hold back from playing and being silly, especially in public. I hold back from trusting people or the universe, always leaving some room for the worst case scenario. I hold back from experiencing joy totally, not trusting myself to handle the come down.

I hold back from loving myself. From even naming and enjoying qualities that are known, using humour and sarcasm to downplay them. I hold back from standing for exactly who I am in every moment, ALL IN.

Fuck that though.

The world needs ME. I am more than ENOUGH. I am a fucking light. I celebrate this life and I say yes ❤️


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d a y  t h r e e 
What is your dream?

I'm dreaming of a world that we don't have to hope and wish things could be right in. A world where we aren't afraid to watch the news. A world where change is possible, change is likely, a world that grows and flows. A world set up to support and awaken, so that "living the dream" isn't an irony of a select few.

I want to deconstruct the norm, destroy the status quo, say NO to what "they" say, what "should" be and it's "just the way things are"!! I want to rebel until rebellion is so commonplace it naturally ends.

Here, we are vulnerable and we connect. Here, the possibilities are endless. Here, I sit. Here, people come to sit with me. We share, we move, we dance, we learn, we explore consciousness and what it means to be human. We sit.

I am wildly dreaming of spending my life as a student and a guide. I dream of seeing as much as possible. I dream of freedom, and of extraordinary being.

The outlaw is the radical, the one close to the roots of existence. The one who refuses to forget their humanity and in remembering, helps everyone else to remember, too. - David Whyte 'Crossing the Unknown Sea'


d a y  t w o
What is your story?

Like so many of us I have one of those stories that shock people into speechless I'm sorry's. The people who know me now couldn't imagine me then, and vice versa. I went from quiet-nose-in-book to a raging rebellious teen to zen AF yogi. I didn't know how to deal with being myself, with living in my own skin.

When I was about 15 'The Power of Now' changed my life. In it, Eckhart Tolle says "Who is this -self- that -I- cannot live with?" and the beginning of an observer awakened in me.The war was far from won, but I finally had an inkling of what I needed to look for to heal.

Last year I met @amandakellyyoga, took her 200YTT, and I learned that my mess could be my message. I learned it in my body, in re-wiring my brain with worthiness, I learned it through months of real life vulnerable practice and support. She was finally a mentor, an example, of a person who could both be messy and achieve fucking dreams, not just some bullshit spewed by someone not walking the walk.

I am still working to change old thought patterns that sneak in, but I know who I am now. I am still a very thoughtful NO person, and I resist everything, but I know what it means to BE the work, and I'm moving toward it.

I am a collective joy enthusiast, I am obsessed with anything where a group of humans do something at the same time: the ooohs and ahhhs of a sports game, singing along to song lyrics at a live music event, moving through yoga sequences. I'm the person who says things so raw and unexpected people burst into laughter regardless of subject matter. I'm more likely to hang out with the cat at the party than the humans. I almost never forget to do things, and I'm probably more organized than anyone you have ever met. I LOVE silence and to sit and meditate, and it's a daily challenge to move and to practice yoga. My presence is safe and grounding, and people gravitate towards me.

I lived the life that I did, I felt the pain that I did, so that I can meet people where they are at, and truly connect. I can sit in the depths of the darkness and I will not run. I am here to guide my humans to the light again and again.


d a y  o n e
Why do you get on your mat?

At first when I did yoga on my parents wii and went to Hatha classes at Spa Lady I was just interested in anything "spiritual". I had been criticized my whole life for being too sensitive or emotional and I wanted to be Zen AF. I did find peace, and I fell in love immediately, but I didn't have any consistency.

I also mostly dislike "exercise," especially going to the gym or anything cardio. 😂 So each time I felt like I wasn't moving my body enough, and I felt resolve to exercise or be healthy, I would dive back into yoga. I was still subject to massive eb and flow in my practice.

Before teacher training, I went to yoga because I was in pain, a lot of it, all the time. I found yin and restorative, slow and meditative like me. As I worked through my pain, and started teacher training I began to see my strength, challenge myself and find my flow as well.

Now I go to my mat as a practice of being in the present moment, moving meditation, and surrender, to let myself be guided by something bigger than me.



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IG &FB friends it's tax time and I'm here to let you know that @taxdivas office will be opening on Wednesday January 3rd. We know that plant workers and casino works work crazy hours so we have pick up & drop off service. Also we will be giving away trips, televisions and other cool prizes as well. #taxdivas #Detroit #taxseason #tripgiveaway #prizes


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