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This is the realist talk I've heard in a while.... #TruthBeTold #TruthTelling


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Is alone time getting too lonely? Honesty is the best policy, especially with yourself. #truthtelling. Learn more at @postsecret


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Find life for yourself and you will be met there.
#truthtelling #beyourownhero



Twin Waters Resort, you are your own little paradise away from paradise and the perfect place for a client to enjoy her very first weekend away for her own pleasure {despite all her mama/wife/work commitments} and have a private session with moi. 💋#lovesexdesire #eroticempowerment #embodiment #truthtelling #femininepower #mamahood #relationships #partnerships


Christine Gerber Rutt

Just another Sunday. 🍍
Truth is: I'd rather work than walk. I could go for days without leaving my apartment. Which is just stupid. Especially when the Rhine is a few blocks from where I live. 🍍
I'm sure there's something like this in your life too. Something that is actually easy to enjoy AND is good for your creativity...but do you do it?
Maybe it seems like it's out of the way. Or would take too much effort. Or maybe that's just me.
This week I challenge you (aka: myself) to test that belief. Find one thing that is within a few blocks of you that you can indulge in AND that is good for your creativity. Make a note of how you felt before you go. (I do this using 1-10 feeling scales.) And note how you feel during & after. 🍍
For me that means I'm setting a goal to make eye contact with the river every day this week. Making it a 100% goal strengthens the structure & makes it more likely I actually do it.
Onward...with grace & ease


Blessed Brew
Kelly Gonzales

Which path will you choose? The Path of least resistance? Or the path of healing toward wholeness? Both have struggle, both will cost you something, but which one gives you possibility to meet your needs fully-without turning on yourself; I choose the path of healing and it demands my courage and expects nothing less than truth telling. But I have faith and understanding that I won't just swirl in the struggle, but I'll move through it to the other side and that's where liberation and whole self awaits (on the other side). I've witnessed my courage and see my strength growing from my own courageous acts! The promise of the path I walk -- the healing path -- is one that promises a life of dignity, honour, healthy people who share that path with me, and a self that is whole and fully alive! (I have faith in the promise even though at first I had no evidence to discern its level of truth). I hope to see you on the healing path--your important and deserve the best! 💕❤️ #courageousheart #healing #thriving #wellbriety #sobriety #alanon #indigenouswaysofknowing #cultureforhealth#goodmedicine #possibilities #thrive #love #youaremysunshine #truthtelling #hardworkpaysoff


India Danielle
India Danielle
Kisha Spencer

Show me. I am a visual, tactile learner. #aquarius #aquariusseason is coming to a calendar close but I celebrate myself and other #aquarians all year with my #INTJ #introverted #truthtelling #justiceloving self. ♒️❤



new blog up. link in bio.


so like i do, i put pen to paper, or rather hands to keys. i am hoping to find internal space, room to breathe in a softer way. i suspect that the newer medication i got on, after a three month no med hermit period, is too activating for my system. initially, activation was just what i needed. i was sleeping a lot, sad and afraid. but now, i find it harder to have still moments. i feel ok in movement, or in creating, but when i stop, the thoughts just go go go. i feel jumpy, flinching when unsuspecting hands land on my back. it happened last night. the woman apologized. it wasn’t her fault.

the med stuff feels major. i often feel like a human experiment. girl has a bad brain, so she has to engage with mind numbing side effects, until she finds the right chemical cocktail. is there a right one? i am scared to take these drugs, more fearful than i have ever been. sometimes when i can’t sleep at night, i find myself scanning through online forums. is the flinching just me or the me i have become or is it a reaction to a drug that doesn’t belong in my body? and the redness on my skin, the way my face almost always looks irritated. what does that mean? is my liver able to process this pill? as a friend and i drive down franklin, i wonder out loud if the meds are making me more neurotic. we laugh about neurotic being the most authentic version of myself.

photo: @helenaharo


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Alicia Fronczek

Look both ways. Who have you been? Let that inform who you will be. Review all the parts of you...look for strong moments, wide-eyed, fearless jumping off cliff moments. That reflection still echoes inside of you. That image in the mirror is usually filled with more truth than you've embraced...the last actions and words don't lie...only the memory and interpretation of them cast spells of illusion. Perhaps you've cast yourself in the glowish blur of heroine/hero/victim/martyr/savior with no fault or blame or connection to the chain of events that come before or after trampling forward in denial. >Reflect< Perhaps you've cast yourself as the incapable/unworthy/ineffectual/static/lost/impotent actor only able to watch a scene unfold around you. >Reflect< You Are Every Version of You That You Have Ever Been. Who will you nourish? Who will appear in the next act? Review what you accomplished and feel those feels. Re-read old journals to find and embody the voice of strength. Spend time with loved ones that can see your Higher Self. Today is a choice. Who will you be? #selfinquiry #choosewisely #truthtelling #reflection #narcissus #whyyouwannacarrythatbullshit #waheguru #youretheonlyoneplayingthegame #informationnotdictation #bethewitness #consciousliving #howling #joyisasuperpower #getoutside #treesandwater #lookdowntoo


Amber Campion

A little vulnerable truth sharing that may resonate with some (or many) of you.... ⠀

For the first couple of years as an entrepreneur I was chasing success based on social constructs, rather than soul level, value based, true fulfillment. I thought, "when I hit 6 figures I will be a successful entrepreneur." ⠀

My metric for success was money. So many of us do this. This is not a shaming message my friends, but rather a sharing message, to inspire new ideas and real change. ⠀

And so there I was, deciding I will be successful when I hit 6 figures (the 6/7 figure phenomenon of social media). And for TWO years I felt like a failure because of this. ⠀

Even though I had made more than $50,000 two years in a row working part time, doing what I love, changing and inspiring the lives of others. I woke up when I wanted (7:30am) because I made my own schedule, I started work around 10am, I spent my days doing creative and meaningful things, I worked in my yoga clothes and made my own nourishing breakfast, lunch, and dinner at home, and I was clearly continuing to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually...yet I still didn't feel 'successful.' ⠀

Why? Just because I hadn't hit 6 figures yet? yep. Just because of that. ⠀

Because you see...your metric (meaning) for success will determine your feeling of success. The standard I measured myself up against was founded in a value system that was actually holding me back. ⠀

The absolute INCREDIBLE thing is this...once I shifted my mindset to values and metrics that truly aligned with me and served me (such as, success is measured by tenacity, boldness, and resourcefulness) I began to feel successful BEFORE any external circumstances shifted. ⠀

I discovered that if you want to change a pattern in your life, you have to change (and/or get very clear on) what you value and how you measure success and failure. ⠀

So, does this resonate with you? Please share below. I'd love to hear your thoughts. #successmindset #valuebasedsuccess #truthtelling #selflove #femaleentrepreneur



❤ how @thealiciacook continues to help me be my own voice of reason on my journey of #BecomingAmber such an inspiration and so relatable to my own stories of loving someone with a #heroinaddiction I can't wait to get her new book! #notonemore #momlife #vegasblogger #blogger #ownyourstory #becoming #truthtelling


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Tonight we unleash this queer rock-n-roll magic on the public. Come thru to the French Quarter as we time travel to 1973!! #TheViewUpStairs #1stpreview (LINK IN BIO FOR TIX)


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Petra Dokken

Loving it! At the #grammys last night - wow, womanhood was celebrated, "she persisted" was emphasized, the importance of the work of the free artist, humanity and emotions. These times!, make us aware and active. Making us use our voices, words and stories - and use them well. Just so happy to flicker through selected world media today - seeing truth, courage and heart ❤ #motherstory #freedom #womanhood #shepersisted #activism #art #feminism #voice #truthtelling #stories #courage #showingup #somuchlove @beylite #beyonce @beyonce



LIST OF LOVELY #10::::::::::

Milena Silvano, Morning Matcha podcast with @tayloreyewalker, Doen slippers, self imagining meditation and a must see documentary on systemic racism. Link in bio.

Photo: @forestaragon


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The following has nothing to do with the picture other than #TheFactsOfLife -
Sitting next to a woman who is quite intoxicated. She says, “You look like David Byrne.” Me: “I’ll take that as a compliment. He was handsome in his day.” Her: “He was HOT!” I smile and try not to breathe in too much of her boozy breath.
Her: (suddenly solemn) “At least you get him, I’m a dead ringer for Sarah Palin. So I drink when I travel.” I look at her. I’m wonderfully aware that yes, I am sitting next to a Sarah Palin impersonator.

Cheers. 🥂
#robbieturnerstoryhour #illtellyouforfree #alwayslooklikeyouhavemoney #dragrace #makeamericagayagain #funny #trash #truthtelling #trumpmemes #trump


the Sober Glow

👆🏼 Pre-Sobriety.
👉🏼 Now, like literally right now, I am beaming from a successful and fun and real and TRUTHFUL meet up with someone I met here, on IG. I am so amazed at how choosing to get rid of one little thing in my life has brought SO MANY amazing other things into it.
Seriously, how fucking cool is it to be a sober woman right now!!

JJ - you are the 💣!
#womenempoweringwomen #risesisterrise #sobersisters #sobernyc #highvibeliving #truthtelling


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Great week in #Richmond shooting for @iofcusa and covering events with Rev. Alvin Herring, Director of #racialequity and #communityengagement with @kelloggfoundation He spoke "the hard truth which is the only truth that can cleanse and can heal." He left me #fueledandfocused for the work ahead. #journeytoequity #equity #truthtelling #honestconversation #trustbuilding #structuralracism #hope #hopeinthecities #RVA #communityconverstion #socialjustice #racialjustice #truth #transformation #iseeyou


Initiatives of Change USA

"White brothers and sisters: you are not standing outside of structural racism, you are standing inside the house. When we see each other, we know that we have ALL been wounded by structural racism." Rev. Alvin Herring, Director of #racialequity and #communityengagement with @kelloggfoundation @urichmond #journeytoequity #equity #truthtelling #honestconversation #trustbuilding #structuralracism #hope #hopeinthecities #RVA #richmond #communityconverstion #socialjustice #racialjustice #truth #transformation #iseeyou 📷@karenelliottgreisdorf