Make sure you take some time from your busy lives to take in Catherine Blackburn’s exhibit at the Sherwood Gallery. And to reflect. #Repost @dunlop_art_gallery #exploreyqr #supportSKartists・・・
Catherine Blackburn: Tell Me the Truth on now at Sherwood Gallery until January 3, 2018! The artist invites you to leave an anonymous truth, moment, memory, or story in this birchbark basket. These truths will later be used in an exchange/dialogue in the 2nd phase of the project. @cecitup #catherineblackburn #truth #truthtelling #birchbarkbasket #tellmethetruth #dunlopartgallery #reginapubliclibrary #sherwoodgallery


Living with integrity means: Not settling for less than what you know you deserve in your relationships. Asking for what you want and need from others. Speaking your truth, even though it might create conflict or tension. Behaving in ways that are in harmony with your personal values. Making choices based on what you believe, and not what others believe.

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Join me in 30 over on the Klein and Kind FB page for a live rundown on the amazing energy happening tomorrow with this gorgeous new moon. ❤️ #balance #newmoon #libra #scorpio #fasttimes #truthtelling #stayinyourpower #groundthoseroots #itsallgood #kleinandkind #essentialoils #doterra #funfunfun


"I traveled ~800 miles to be in Denton, Texas for the live taping of the @chrisgeth Beautiful Anonymous podcast. I found the podcast during a period of my life where I was feeling unfulfilled, lonely, and isolated. Hearing complete strangers call Chris for one hour a week to talk about their lives gave me the refuge I thought I needed from my own.
Eventually, I used a service that sponsored the show to talk to an anonymous stranger on the phone. I needed someone I could be open and vulnerable with. Someone I could hang up the phone on and never talk to again. I didn't expect to share the poetry I was so scared of sharing with my friends and family.  I didn't expect to that call to turn into an amazing year-long friendship. I didn't expect to ever meet that friend in person.
And I didn't expect to be able to take this photo while sitting next to my beautiful, anonymous friend."


Part 1
Ayahuasca is one part of my path that I’ve be hesitant to share about but felt this overwhelming push to tell my story and experience with this plant medicine.
I’ve been hesitant because I've been exhausted of having to explain over and over again that ayahuasca is not a drug, and comparing it to LSD MDMA or DMT waters down its magnitude
and I get tired of having the same conversation with people that think ayahuasca will fix all their problems and get disappointed when I tell them hell no it won’t
Ayahuasca won’t heal you
Nothing can heal you
ayahuasca brings you to the depths of yourself so you are empowered to heal yourself that's why this plant medicine has been the catalyst in overcoming my depression, eating disorders, sexual abuse, and sexual assault childhood trauma and brought me down from committing suicide
It's why i haven't been on an anxiety medication anti depressant or gone to a psychologist
Ayahuasca has brought me back home to my body and my true self
This plant medicine brought me to see the way I wasn't living and wasn't showing up for my healing
I had to face the hard lesson of there’s no such thing as a quick fix
Because we are so used to in this society instant gratification quick fixes
But any true healing requires something deeper
It's not popping pills to keep our head afloat, it’s diving whole body into our pain and finding our way through the thorns of our suffering so we can emerge newer
Ayahuasca won’t fix anybody, it didn’t fix me and that’s why i don’t think that this form of healing is for everyone
ayahuasca won't fix, what this plant medicine does and has the power do is to hold a mirror up to what's already inside you
It shows you the power you have inside you to heal yourself
Ayahuasca brought me back home to my body, taught me the lessons in a divinity and prayer, and held a mirror up to how I wasn't showing up for my healing
To heal you have to show up
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Refer to my post where I linked and talked about the brilliantly written article by Actress & Influencer Danielle Brooks (@daniebb3) because my awarding Dove (@dove) and Unilever (@unileverusa) this week's Stupid Shit Tuesday Award is in indeed valid. Personally, I thought the Facebook ad sucked ass overall not just relative to race or diversity celebration attempt. Dove apologized for "missing the mark" but they actually missed the target marker all together. This was a high school level fundamental marketing 101 fuck up and no amount of apologeticism from people like model Ms. Lola Ogunyemi (@mslolao) is going to suffice. The damage is done and I find it funny for Lola to have even decided to say anything let alone in defense of Dove. I received and processed her BBC video and Guardian article just like I did the video response of the model from the Kendrick Lamar controversial "Be Humble" video to the backlash - with grain of salt. It was irrelevant and unnecessary. This was about kissing ass in the hope of this not not being considered a "stain on a career." Dove should have known better but they decided to take the stupid risk anyway in hopes that passes are given in the end. I agree totally with Danielle. We should not let this and other brands and companies slide for the nonsensical and misrepresentation. It was already a duh factor that anybody can wash their ass with moisturizing body wash. Nobody needed a visual of "how effective that washing is or would be had someone never tried the product, used it in a long time, and/or had interest." This was bad marketing not just advertising. AdWeek (@adweek) had a good article with some great points on how stupid this move was business wise that I also cited here. Was the ad racist? Yes...with an "Asian" added for extra measure. 💯💭✔💬 #KLife #KWork #writerlife #bloggerlifebound #blog #blogger #writers #writersofig #StupidShitTuesday #realtalk #mythbusters #factfinders #truthtelling #messaging #onlinelife #offlineeffects #dove #unilever #politics #socialaction #socialjustice #socialchange #istandwithdanielle #marketing #nopassesgiven #human #teacher #student #kthblogs


Today, despite my best reasoning and justifications and judgement, I wrote a blog post about being raped. It goes so against the grain of therapists' beliefs about non-disclosure but I don't care. I value honesty, dialogue and truth telling more than what others think. So here you go. Let me know what you think. Link in bio or here- www.amandaewhite.com/blog Let's change the conversation in our culture. Let's change the conversation in counseling to one of perfection and advice giving to vulnerability and strength. #metoo Because this isn't a movement, it's a revolution


Let Me Begin By Saying That The Controversy Surrounding All Of This Is Valid. There Should Have Been Backlash. There Should Have Been Apologies. It Was Done Not For The Sake Of "Diversity On Display" But To Add Fuel To The Fire In An Already Racially Intolerant & Chaotic World. Did Dove (@dove) Get This Wrong? Absolutely. This Was Not Just "Missing The Mark." This Was Failing Fundamental Marketing 101 - High School Level Fuck Up. As Of Late, The Company Owned By Unilever (@unileverusa) Has Been Trying To Pick Up The Pieces Of Their Multi-Level & Multi-Layer Disaster But The Damage Is Done. It Was Cute That One Of The Ad Models Stepped Up To Defend Dove In A BBC Video & Guardian Opinion Article But It All Came Across As A "Paid Apology" Than A "Voluntary Protagonist Added Voice To The Discussion" Just Like When That Model From The Kendrick Lamar Controversial "Be Humble" Video Chimed In On The Backlash. Ms. Lola Ogunyemi (@mslolao) & Dove Did Not Link Or Post The "Full 30-Second TV Ad" She Claimed Was Made That "Wasn't Racist & Very Chock Full Of Diversity." The Facebook Ad Missed The Entire Target Marker Not Just The Bullseye. It Unraveled All The Progress Made On The "Real Beauty" Campaign Which Was About Overall & Conplete Brand Revival & Relevance. When I First Saw The Facebook Ad, I Didn't Think "Diversity Celebration" Or Even About The Product & Brand. I Thought Of How Much It Just Sucked In General. It Was A Bad Concept. When It Became Controversial, I Understood It & Had To Give Dove & Unilever This Week's Stupid Shit Tuesday Award. It Was Indeed A Dumb Move Business Wise & Sociopolitically. It's Going To Be Very Hard For This Brand & Company To Recuperate Even With All The Apologists Coming To Their Defense & Aid For Whatever Reason. 💯🎤✔💬 -- 📹 Video Credit: @bbc #KLife #KPhilosophy #KPolitics #StupidShitTuesday #revolution #realtalk #advice #notes #comments #mythbusters #factfinders #truthtelling #messaging #onlinelife #offlineeffects #dove #ad #nopassesgiven #socialchange #socialaction #socialjustice #unilever #racism #racerelations #business #marketing #beingvocal #blasphemy #blasphemer


DM your picture with the reality behind it to share yours...leaving this one right here for so many of us. too many of us. it's all too common.


"I started, stopped, and saved this post as a draft back in June. June 18th to be exact because this question:⠀

"What does justice look like to you?"⠀

leaves me stumped every time.⠀

The question first presented itself to me back in February while I was watching a Youtube video by Aurielle Marie of Elle of Two Cities. ⠀

She posed this question and it threw me for a loop. I went to type a response and stopped. Stumped that the question pulled so much emotion out of me. My throat hurt and I thought the best response I could give was a video montage of me crying in the comments.⠀

Thoughts of justice made me tear up and in that moment there was nothing I could think of about justice that seemed plausible, possible, and real.⠀
Not only that though...⠀

Now, I know that part of my hesitancy came from the truth I do my best to hide and swallow because I know it's no good.⠀

You see, I really really really want to be a good person. When I leave here, I want to go to Heaven and see my grandmother and the ancestors I never got to meet.⠀

More than anything, I want to make God proud, but y'all the truth is:⠀

For me, justice looks like revenge."⠀
New Post Alert.⠀
Link in Bio.⠀
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Catherine Blackburn: Tell Me the Truth on now at Sherwood Gallery until January 3, 2018! The artist invites you to leave an anonymous truth, moment, memory, or story in this birchbark basket. These truths will later be used in an exchange/dialogue in the 2nd phase of the project. @cecitup #catherineblackburn #truth #truthtelling #birchbarkbasket #tellmethetruth #dunlopartgallery #reginapubliclibrary #sherwoodgallery


In the metaphor of climbing the mountain- there is an understanding that when you reach the top, there you are. Finally the climb is over and you are at your final destination- in peace, to rest. In life, however, it seems to not just be about climbing one mountain. When we climb a mountain and reach the top- we then need to descend, and continue until another mountain shows up in our path. Whether we are looking for it, or not. The insight in the metaphor, however is around how you descend and carry on. Do you descend with the knowledge that you've gained from climbing up the previous mountain, or do you forget and start again. Sometimes we like to dramatise our lives in the way that story books do. Why? Because it helps us to feel better, perhaps. We all enjoy a good story. And sometimes, it is the story that pulls us away from experiencing the deeper truth. For me, the truth is that the story has no end- except in the way that we tell it. And the way that we climb each mountain. Our thoughts, our relationship to experience & challenge- how we face and interpret "obstacles" and how attached we are to reaching the top. My mountaintop feels like a place of space- an infinity. A place where struggle shows up less and my understanding of challenge is reflected by my relationship to self and to spirit. Intuition. This here, today, in this moment, is one of many mountain tops. An infinity. A new beginning and yet another cycle of life itself. A vibration of the divine- coming through for the expansion of life itself.

What is your relationship with climbing mountain tops? When was a time you reached a mountain top in your life? 📸 @iulia.agnew
Black top by @nicolebridger #corecollection


Why do we suffer alone?
What does it mean to share pain and experiences?
Why is it so much easier to look away, than to look within?
Because our society is set up in such a way that we are bombarded with information 24/7. There’s absolutely no teachings for processing pain, grief, suffering. Instead, numbing is the answer, and numbness doesn’t always look like drugs or alcohol or sex.
It can also look like an over obsession with being healthy. It can look like forcing yourself into taking a yoga class when you’d rather dance like a freak. It can look like detached meditation and “observing” the mind instead of feeling into the body.
What are we always running from?
Fear. Pain. Limitations. Exhaustion. Hatred. Sexuality. Truth. Intuition. Expression. Worthiness. Love.
Because it’s easier to turn it off than to turn it in, on, and through. Easier to “find the light” than to “search the dark”. Because “searching the dark” requires support, trust, and an inner level of knowing that the You inside will not get lost- Egoic attachment to form at the cost of depth connections.
I’ll be completely honest- People tell me all the time how “shiny” and “smiley” and “beautiful” and “serene” and “glowy” and “genuine” I am. I don’t disagree, disengage or think I need to define myself by these words, but it is simply not the whole story.
I’ve also been told I am a fraud. That I am selfish. That I don’t follow through on what I preach.
I take criticism to heart. I always have, perhaps to a fault, because that is how committed I am to The Path.
The brightest of lights cast the darkest of shadows. I have plenty of shadows. I’ll be the first to admit. I don’t believe in keeping the “skeletons in the closet”. I believe in midnight dancing on the bones of what was in order to birth newness in the rising light. Growth is Decay. This is my version of integrity and authenticity.
So why do we suffer alone?
I’m not asking why am I suffering at all. I’m asking, why, when I am suffering, do I suffering alone? What is it about darkness and depth of experience that I seek but am also afraid of too? I’m no different than you. Nobody has it all together.
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Here’s something. I don’t save numbers. Not yours, not his, not any. Here’s why. It’s evident why and if someone should be in your life. If I’ve chased you, pat yourself on the back, history. Because it’s a short list. Like two. And it’s doubtful if you’re wondering if you’re him, you’re most likely not. Delete them all ladies. If a guy wants you, he is with you. Everyone else is the past, and moving forward is a beautiful thing. 🙌🏼💕🌸 #lovestuff #newthings #truthtelling #truth


Writing THIS IS HOW I SAVE MY LIFE was the hardest truth-telling experiment of my life. Holy cow, it was scary. But it was so so worth it. Here's just a tiny glimpse: "I have needed illness. I have needed illness because it has protected me from all of the things I don’t feel brave enough to say, feel, and be. It’s easier to be sick than to say no when that’s what I want to say. It is easier to be sick than to try to be perfect. It is easier to be sick and buried under emotions than to feel them. This is perhaps the hardest reality I’ve ever had to accept, because who runs around the world looking for a cure if they really don’t want it?

Maybe I’m not destined to be a Lyme disease superhero or a stem cell poster child. Maybe I’m here for what we’re all here for: to show each other that it’s okay to be human." In this book, you'll read about all the pieces of healing, the meltdowns that are necessary to find them, and why chocolate cake could help you save your life.

P.S. You can pre-order now on Amazon (kindle and hardcover)

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Day 7 of #SutraBends - #standingbackbend
Our sutra is Sutra 2.37: The person who has established herself not to steal, becomes the richer person. Patanjali 🕉🕉🕉
The sutra is encouraging all of us to truly be ourselves. To think our own thoughts. Embrace our unique set of beauty. To pursue the path, purpose or dharma designed only for us. We become richer when we accept and love who we are. Not when we copy or compare ourselves to others. Today, let's try to live our lives to the fullest - to thine own self be true! 😊🙏🏽✨🤸🏽‍♀️
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"This picture was taken minutes after I came out of the restroom in a hotel where we had a photo session for our 4th wedding anniversary and I wore my wedding dress again. It was also less then hour before I knew in the Emergency room that I lost my baby. In that restroom I had bleeding and saw what seemed to be the baby and my heart was beating so fast. I was in denial when I flushed my baby and came out of the restroom smiling for the picture. My husband wanted to delete all those pictures.⠀

But I kept them cause it’s a reminder of our angel 👼 in heaven. We were blessed with a baby 11 month later."


Love ya forever....till I don't. 48x48 acrylic,oil,graphite,pumice,oil stick. #iwearmyheartonmysleeve #womenartists #curator #atlanta #contemporary #abstract #wip #truthtelling #buyoriginalart #beyourself #beoriginalbeyou


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Almost anything can be accomplished, created, and healed in an atmosphere of loving connection.

In today's Monday Inspiration, consider how love can emerge in our world as we open to authentic connection.
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The law of attraction says: "Like attracts like. Whatever the conscious mind thinks and believe, the subconscious identically creates.". Think positive!!! #positivity #lawofattraction #gratitude #goodenergy #happyfrequency #consciousness #subconciousmind #positivethinking #powerofmind #likeattractslike #mindset #soul #healer #wise #wisewords #happylife #truthtelling #positivitycoach #inspirational #meditation #lifeisbeautiful


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