You guys, my experience with Dan Siegel at OMEGA was AMAZING! Im still coming down from an inspired learning high. I'm posting this because his wheel of awareness meditation is a great tool and resource (it's also free). I will post the YouTube link in my bio and please check it out. I could totally nerd out and explain the science etc. but pretty much he has found a way to help people get comfortable going into the unknown of experience and has proven it strengthens your brain. Long gone are the days that we believe that we are a product of our genes and we have no control at all. If you are interested in epigenetics check out his work or even Bruce Lipton. Both have been featured on tons of free podcasts and I encourage you to listen in. #mindblown #traumainformed #neverstoplearning #healthiswealth #ptsdawareness #astoriastherapist #astoria #LIC #courtsquare #drdansiegel #wheelofawareness #meditation #healing #epigenetics


Today's attempt at meditation practice. I thought if I hid under a makeshift cubby it might work. After one of those tough mothering days a guided wheel of awareness practice hit the spot #365thingsiknow #heartfulmoment #wheelofawareness #dansiegel


A sign after enjoying my 'wheel of awareness' practice.
In rain, sun or grey weather...Awareness and mindfulness can be enjoyed everywhere.


Sunday rereading, it's such a joy.
I have been working with the wheel of awareness with clients and as always with my self. Now I'm experience that I'm sometimes combining it with the notion of body-schemes. And then a reread brings me such a deeper understanding. It so great !


Check in! I love Dr. Dan Siegel Wheel of Awareness as a visual to use with students! Check in with your senses! Check you body, your thoughts, and all the while being mindful of our connections to all! #wheelofawareness #drdansiegel #mindfulness #mindfullyconnect #thisiswhatitisrightnow #checkyourselfbeforeyouwreckyourself


Taking a break from this mornings workshop with @drdansiegel enjoying the music and continuing the conversation over lunch #amindfulsociety2017 #mindfulness #compassion #kindness #meditation #wheelofawareness


Being a child and a part of a family is not always easy. There is so much going on and so much to learn. -And it is as it is. So it is important to learn what is going on inside you, how to be aware of it and how to stay by your self with a connection to ones sensations and emotions, and at the same time be able to connect with others.
To day I worked with the wheel of awareness a'la Dan Siegel together with a brilliant child. The child also knew how "to name it to tame it" and shake fear out of the body. What a natural talent. I'm in awe.


"The act of being aware changes our mind."
If you haven't already I highly suggest doing Dr Dan Siegel's wheel of awareness guided meditation available on drdansiegel.com it is a remarkable experience .
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Dan Siegel MD ::: the wheel of awareness ::: integration = well-being and is a source for joy that gives way for creativity ::: where attention goes (practice), neural firing flows & neural connection grows (neuroplasticity)


Best Panel. Hands Down. Dan Siegel, Judson Brewer, Pat Ogden, Bonnie Goldstein, Shari Geller, Shauna Shapiro, Jack Kornfeild, Trudy Goodman Kornfeild #mindblow #lifechanging #lifespanlearning #mind #mindfulness #presence #transformation #dansiegel #judsonbrewer #patogden #bonniegoldstein #sharigeller #shaunashapiro #jackkornfield #trudygoodmankornfield #wheelofawareness


Just had one of the most amazing experiences of my life spending the last three days with Dr. Dan Siegel at his Mindsight Immersion Weekend. He's the author of Mindsight, The Whole Brain Child, No Drama Discipline, and Mind: A Journey to the Heart of Being Human. This is a very dark time in the world, but I left feeling determined, inspired, and filled with hope. We've got a lot of work to do, and I'm ready! Thank you, thank you @pammylynnylaa.


My favorite guided meditation. One of the wisest men I have ever heard speak. Dan Siegel is a true inspiration for my life in so many ways. The Wheel of Awareness. #DanSiegel #WheelofAwareness #InnateWisdom


We had a gorgeous community practice this morning, marking the 1st day of *The Summer of Slow* programming @ Kokoro. COMMUNITY MINDFULNESS is 30mins of peaceful, guided meditations and breathwork, every Monday & Friday this summer, at the town green of Sharon (CT). (8-8:30am). Free, open to all, and sponsored by Kokoro. πŸŒ€ kinesoma.com/the-summer-of-slow πŸŒ€ This morning, we explored Dr Dan Siegel's *Wheel of Awareness* practice, and gazed at the trees in gratitude. #natureswisdom #wheelofawareness #mindfulnessmeditation #mindfulpractice #meditationsinnature #gratitude #awakenthekokoro


Donna and Leslie's PDP model's were firing in full force when they saw this post from the esteemed @dr.dansiegel Thank you for sharing our videos. Thank you for all of the groundbreaking work you continue to share with us. You make our world a better place. Yours in deepening our interoceptive ability, Donna and Leslie
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God bless the vets, men, women & animals that serve our country!!!
#oldboldpilots #vets #worldpeace #wheelofawareness #namaste #goodvibes#G.L.I.D.E.strategiesforlife


If I could do this every day... Oh wait, I nearly do. Feeling very lucky to be sharing the tools for freedom #meditation #mindfulness #wheelofawareness #spaciousness #3Jmeditation #urbanmeditation #wakeup


Dr. Dan Siegel is one of my mentors who has no idea he's my mentor. #Mind #Mindsight #wheelofawareness


Fir tree

My intuition loves
of those around me β€”
who have I not seen
through and through?

Heart and spirit intertwined
to carve their intentions β€”
joy or suffering;
truth or tale,
so often more obvious
to me
than it is
to them.

It's a gift
and a curse
that causes such
drumming fatigue.

For the ones whom I love dearly,
they would often cut me down
like an axe to the trunk of a
fir tree
in natural defence of their stance,
I would let them do,
bid my time
until they're ready
for the truth

The tree in me lives to work this way β€”
I seek to grow tall,
attune to the bed of the ocean;
to all creatures of the earth.

It gives me such fulfillment
to show these people
where and what
the weeds are
in the deep of their garden,
to show them how to uproot
their chaos,
to flourish
as I share what I've learned in
the sound of mindfulness;
the art of self-compassion
that reflects upon the faces of others,
bounces back
ten fold onto self.

Yet at times I couldn't run away
from the vessels of my organs
filled with such
filthy and thick fluid of
hatred or disdain
for a few I wish
dead or gone β€”
what was the source
of these atoms in me
that came to life
from the deep of the universe
that they should unleash
peaks of darkness
that rise
from the plateau of my mind,
ready to sow seeds of

I know now β€” the mechanics
of the brain,
I accept it's strengths; weaknesses.

From the back of my closed eyes,
I float them into the cosmos,
one by one β€”
bodily senses;
my self-awareness potent
in a bubble of light
glowing brighter
and brighter
with each of my
breath β€”

Takes unwavering calm
to defy distracting voices;
intuition to born instinct;
courage to accept blows;
the emptying of self
to find inner truth.

I shall retreat once again,
from dawn till dusk,
back to the mountain top
where no man sleeps,
and grow with serenity
like a tall
fir tree.

Bass Clef


Your inner truth

Plant your feet deep into the
soil, the bed of your
inner truth.

There'd be those who love you,
who with good intentions
attempt to
lead you away
from the feeling
that sits right in your

You got to, got to breathe in deep,
tune into your body's feeling β€”
it always know the truth
before your mind does.

There'd be fear, it's perpetuating nag
cycling tales of darkness β€”
slide after slide
projects in your mind's eye β€”
you may end up
jobless without a penny,
lonely without a partner,
you'd look pathetic β€” people would laugh,
you had already invested too much,
you feel the guilt of letting
that someone down,
you fear failure,
what if it all turns to shit,
you think you are
not good enough.

All these are just stories,
they are not
real β€”
just tales of shame
telling you not to make a
not to let yourself
run free.

For we were once cavemen
who hurdle in groups β€”
a lone soul was to invite
death β€”
our genetic inheritance of the
survival of the fittest
by means of fight, flight or freeze,
goes back deep β€”
200,000 years of
brain development,
your mind flashes moments of
near reality
in a nano second
to protect you,
a pre-emptive
survival skill β€”
you possess the mind skill to
churn tales of

You got to, got to close your eyes,
picture yourself
in the deep of the ocean
where calm and silence resides,
the waves far above you β€”

Now after an inhale,
as you exhale β€” slow and long,
picture a slide of a story that haunts you
from your chest
to bubble up
to the surface of the
now offer it light and kindness,
watch it float away
as relief leads to openness.

Keep practicing this,
your evolved brain needs training
to gain serenity,
that gives rise to
that feeling in your
and organs β€”
an uncomfortable knot
means something isn't right,
a symphony of stillness
means you've nailed your
heart's desire.

Your eyes would feel peace,
you just need to
put one foot forward,
and the rest will follow.

Plant your heart deep into the
soil, the bed of your
inner truth.

Bass Clef