Released 17 Mourning doves and 4 Eurasian Collard doves today💕

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CMWR still has many many wildlife babies that will be staying with us through the winter! We are in desperate need of donations to keep us going! CMWR is a all volunteer not-for-profit organization dedicated to the long term and emergency care of sick, injured, and/or orphaned wildlife but we CANNOT SAVE THESE ANIMALS WITHOUT YOUR HELP! No one at CMWR is paid for their work ALL DONATIONS go directly towards caring for the animals! When you donate to CMWR you are helping us provide these babies with food/formula, housing, and medical care! No donation is too small! We need your support to continue providing care to these amazing animals! If you'd like to help us in our efforts to care for these babies please go to the link in our bio to donate! #wildlife #wildliferehabilitation #wildliferescue #rescuerehabrelease #animalrescue #mississippi #weneedyoursupport #helpushelpthem


Pelicans! Part of my job was to feed all of them every day (tossing fish). Some can't fly, so we would make sure they would eat first. 🐢🐡
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This #wildlifewednesday we'd like to introduce you to Callie! Rescued in the middle of September, which also happens to be Manatee Awareness Month, Callie loves her seagrass, and the Manatee Team is keeping busy picking it by the bucketful fresh from the lagoon for her. #manatee #antillean #endangered #wildliferehabilitation #racingextinction 📸 by K. Wyssman


Intern adventures! Assisted in the release of a juvenile bald eagle which had been in care since early July. This is what everyone in the wildlife rehabilitation field works so hard to accomplish! So grateful for this rare and amazing opportunity! #baldeagle #juvenilebaldeagle #baldeaglerelease #baldeaglerescue #keepnaturewild #intern #internadventures #wildlife #wildliferehabilitation #wildliferehab #moneyshot


This is an eagles reaction to a mani-pedi.

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day 🍃


One of our group of 4 squirrels who was recently released. Enjoy the wild, little squirrels 💗


CVT Ashley holds during a quick health check of a juvenile Gray Fox from Grand Rapids, Minn.

Admitted on Aug 17th after being transferred from Wildwoods, the fox needed surgery to pin fractures in its left rear leg.

After successful surgery, the fox has been undergoing various levels of rehab.

Healing is nearly complete. We're hoping for a release in the next 10 days. .

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Check out @humaneindiana Wildlife's newest little patient! This tiny little hatchling Common Snapping Turtle was found in a yard away from any nearby water sources. Did you know a female Common Snapping Turtle can travel up to a mile a way from a water source to lay her eggs. We will release this little one in the next few days back into the wild. #wildwednesday #wildliferehab #wildliferehabilitation #snappingturtle #turtles #turtlesofinstagram #wildlife #wildliferescue


Patient of the week! This week we are featuring an adult Osprey. She was admitted into our care after being found by a lake and unable to fly. After a full examination at our wildlife hospital, it was found she is suffering from a fracture in her chest area (left coracoid). Osprey’s wingspans can measure up to 6 feet and their diet consists almost exclusively of fish. They are typically found in Alberta from late April/early May to October and migrate south for the winter.

We are hopeful for a full recovery for this osprey and that she can be released in time to migrate. She has finally started eating on her own and we need your help to keep her well-fed with her preferred food of trout 🙂

Every little helps with her food costs before she is released. Please donate today to support the care of this osprey: https://aiwc.shop/products/donate-to-aiwc

Thank you for your help!


Latest rescue is a pigeon hit by a car. We have the vets later to determine his next steps. He has a gash on his side and heavy bleeding which I managed to stop.
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Gorgeous "Steppe eagle" treatment progress🦅... hopefuly S/he will get fine soon & ready for freedom 🙏🏻💚💙❤️....
كلينيك دكتر فتاحيان: عقاب صحرايي تحت درمان كه خوشبتانه وضعيت خوبي داره و اگه نتيجه راديولوژي خوب باشه، همين هفته زينت بخش آسمان خواهد بود دوباره🙏🏻💖... با دوست عزيزم محمد علي كه "تيم نجات حيات وحش" رو پايه گذاري كرده و اين مسئوليت بي نهايت ارزشمند رو دلسوزانه و بي كمترين چشمداشت به عهده گرفته #wildliferescue @WildlifeRescueTeam #wildliferehabilitation #حمايت_از_حيوانات_در_حال_انقراض #حمايت_از_حقوق_حيوانات #شكارچي_ميكشد #شكارممنوع


Rescued my first seal pup yesterday!! Meet Tyrion a grey seal pup around 10 days old! After many hours of monitoring no mum was found we think they could have been separated from the storm or too many people on the beach scaring her away! he was exhausted! A little underweight and very flat! He's now going to be cared for everyday untill he can be released back to the ocean 😍#mycar #sealrescue #ireland #wildliferehabilitation #greysealpup #conservation #saveouroceans #lanugocoat


Recupero capriolo maschio adulto a Maggiora (No) con encefalite. Frattura del parietale a causa della caduta traumatica di un corno. Deceduto in clinica
Riccio giovane da Cassinetta di Lugagnano
Riccio da Mornago
Giovane Tortora predata da Briona
Giovane Tortora predata da Novara ✔ Mercoledì 11
Recupero capriolo maschio di 5 mesi investito a Bogogno con frattura dell'ultima vertebra lombo-sacrale e frattura del bacino
Poiana da Vinzaglio, deceduta subito ✔ Giovedì 12
Arrivo picchio rosso minore da Oleggio con grave trauma cranico. Deceduto il giorno dopo
Capriola rilasciata giovedì 12 ottobre dopo una lunghissima degenza. Era stata soccorsa a Boca il 22 agosto; nell'incidente ha riportato frattura bacino, ferita lacero-contusa dietro l'orecchio destro e forte trauma cranico. Dopo i primi passi incerti, più che altro dovuti al viaggio nel furgoncino chiusa nel cassone, guardate come si riprende e corre via nel suo ambiente. Ogni rilascio di capriolo per noi è un'emozione fortissima: se avete letto la relazione semestrale del nostro Cras, purtroppo il tasso di sopravvivenza non è elevato. ✔ Domenica 15
Arrivo 2 ricci di 65 e 60 gr da Sesto Calende... a breve arriva il video!

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