Surrendering to mother nature is vulnerability. Praying for my parents, family, friends, and everyone in Puerto Rico right now. I finally got a hold of my parents after hours of worryring and feeling anxious. Then I began to think how I couldn't sleep last night and being so far away from home; without being able to do anything, was frustrating. These feelings are temporary, just like the situation that Puerto Rico and the rest of the world is going through. We just have to stick together and unite as brothers and sisters of the world. Meditate upon how beautiful mother nature is, how beautiful even being alive is, and living on this planet!! Puerto Rico probably is going to be in serious conditions after this hurricane, but with time everything with be back to normal and it will be even more beautiful because the energy of the island is passing through a deep cleanse. I wish I was there, but the universe decided for me to build myself elsewhere. Some day I will be back and be part of the change and help, of my beautiful home #youwillneverbeabandoned #help hurricanemaria #category5 #destruction #rebirth #newmoon #virgo #hurricaneseason #puertorico #cambios #limpieza #vulnerabilidad