Clay Risen

Dad's Hat Pennsylvania Straight Rye whiskey: 3 years old, 95 proof. The nose has dried orange peel, grape juice, dried oregano, hay and sweet floral notes. The palate is sweet up front, then gives way to a balance between spicy and grassy notes, and a dry finish. This is simply a fantastic whiskey, fresh but fully realized at just 3 years. Buy it now. #whiskey #whisky #rye @dadshatrye

Fort Greene, Brooklyn



Clay Risen

@xbeerandbaconx It has a different mash - the Willett is 3/4 rye, then corn and malted barley; Dad's Hat is 4/5 rye, then malted barley and malted rye. So the absence of corn and the addition of malted rye make a difference. It's been a while since I tried the Willett, but iirc it had a brighter, grassier flavor.

Armand Antommaria

How does it compare to the Willett 3 YO rye?

Wayne Curtis

Ask them about their Sombrero variant.

Clay Risen

It's about empty now! That stuff went fast.

David Wicker

Uh looks like that bottle isn't open. Are you sure you didn't have WT101 Rye instead?

Bleakley McDowell

I'll buy it for the name alone