Gary and supporting cast

Hi guys, my dear friend @emmansophie (Gus's foster mom)is looking to help out one of the rescuers she works with. If you can please help Pumpkin with a donation or a repost I would be eternally grateful. Link in @emmansophie profile along with his story. @Regrann from @emmansophie - Hi Guys, this is Pumpkin, Sir Lily's brother. Pumpkin is very dear and special to me because he was rescued by the shelter I used to work for. He is suffering from severe asthma attack and needs a lot of help. Any amount of your donations will be greatly appreciated and please share. The link to help Pumpkin is on my page⬆️⬆️⬆️. His Mom was our foster and she is an angel who brought kitties back to life when the light of life faded. Somehow, she managed to keep them alive and thrived. She saved Sir Lily(who had urethral-rectal fistula), Jingles(who had her jaw wire shut from mouth surgery) and many many others who needed her. The photo here is Pumpkin in an oxygen enriched chamber. - #regrann





Donated! Hope Pumpkin gets better quickly. My Boo Kitty had asthma.

Chona 👧


PemaYigaPadme (Natosha)

@omgdeedee Thank you for giving me a chance to help. I made a donation, sent it to my husband now he's making one, and passing it on!!

Gary and supporting cast

@chrismachala @jerl_n_ @lindasagecukie @danwonderly @cassie_and_mickie_ @ntshcrsn @kmg206 @kenbo425 @braattyb @purrminators you guys are amazing. Thank you for making a real difference in this family's life.

Gary and supporting cast

@kenbo425 thank you for donating and for the kind words. You have helped more than you know!