Watson • Kiko

Watson • Kiko

Lately I've been asked a lot the same question.
What kind of camera do I use?
I use a Canon 7D MarkII.
This camera is often used for wildlife and sports photography. It's great for taking action photos.
I do however don't recommend this camera if you are a beginner.
It was very hard for me to get use to this camera being new to photography.
I went back and used a Canon t2i. This camera was great for a beginner like me two years ago.
It's been two years now since I started photography. I've been trying new things every couple of months.
I've tried studio photography and even though I did like it it wasn't exactly what I wanted.
I also tried doing heavy photoshop in my pictures and learned that I don't like it either.
So far I love to keep things simple. See the simplicity of a photograph is beautiful.
Also been absolutely enjoying photographing natures beauty and spending more time outdoors.
I'm still learning photography everyday and trying new things.
I'm almost to the point that I know what kind of photos I will like to take and I do know that I would love to do it for a full time job. I enjoy it too much not to do it every day for as long as I'm in this beautiful world.
Hope I was of some help for some of you that are beginning to explore the photography world by sharing about my experience 😉

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Gorgeous 😻😻

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Great picture!

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Your welcome! I enjoy seeing your photography! And your dogs are so cute and photogenic. :)

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