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Lately I've been asked a lot the same question. What kind of camera do I use? I use a Canon 7D MarkII. This camera is often used for wildlife and sports photography. It's great for taking action photos. I do however don't recommend this camera if you are a beginner. It was very hard for me to get use to this camera being new to photography. I went back and used a Canon t2i. This camera was great for a beginner like me two years ago. .. It's been two years now since I started photography. I've been trying new things every couple of months. I've tried studio photography and even though I did like it it wasn't exactly what I wanted. I also tried doing heavy photoshop in my pictures and learned that I don't like it either. .. So far I love to keep things simple. See the simplicity of a photograph is beautiful. Also been absolutely enjoying photographing natures beauty and spending more time outdoors. .. I'm still learning photography everyday and trying new things. I'm almost to the point that I know what kind of photos I will like to take and I do know that I would love to do it for a full time job. I enjoy it too much not to do it every day for as long as I'm in this beautiful world. .. Hope I was of some help for some of you that are beginning to explore the photography world by sharing about my experience 😉




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Any lens recommendations?

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Love your pictures 😍❤️🐶


Beautiful creature ❤️

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This background looks so awesome!!!