Gary and supporting cast

I have a house full of shedders.  It gets even more hairy when the temperatures warm up. Daily grooming helps, and all the kitties love it - it really strengthens our bond, but shed happens! I have used a Swiffer Sweeper for years, and it even helps with the kitties exercise regimen for the New Year - they love to chase it when I'm cleaning the floor.  Prepare for the shed by using a Swiffer Sweeper on hard floors to trap and lock dirt, dust and hair or a Swiffer Duster for surfaces. #swifferfanatic #Partner​




Fenix and Leija

That little tongue😍😍😍

💜 Sophia Mason 💜

This commercial for swiffer brought to you by Gary and the gang. I can just see them all running after that thing! Haha

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👍picks the cat hair right up!

Maddi And Phoebi

Cool!! However I prefer "Winston" who is my irobot to do my sweeping!! I'm a lazy ass!!

Truman the Tortoise

Oh yeah, the same here!!!!


Saaaame here! Omg! The shedding! I'll keep this in mind for if we ever can get rid of this god awful carpet!