Venus the Two Face Cat

😿😿 I see lots of sad things on the news and can't possibly post about each one but they all make me so sad. Today though, a bad thing happened close to home. My hometown airport that I've flown out of many times until recently when I moved to Michigan is shut down right now due to a shooting. 5 people were killed and 8 are injured. They haven't said why yet. I wish with all my heart humans could find more peace and stop judging, hating, attacking, & fighting with each other. This is a new year and the things that have happened just this week are so sad. Can't everyone just try to treat each other with more compassion and kindness? If everyone would just have a little more consideration for one another and listen to their heart, the world would be a better place. Big words from a kitty I know but that's how I feel....and I am sad. 😿 Prayers to those at Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport and everyone all over the world that has been part of a sad senseless tragedy. 🙏 #stoptheviolence #2017goals #morekindness #lesshate #followyourheart #airportshooting #fortlauderdale #whereisthelove #sosad






Paula Depinto

So beautiful 😍


Two face cat version is purrrr evil! @disneybrony