The Red Huskies

Ok. So heres coby's story. Mom and dad took 7 of us for a walk. Being a smart boy that i am, i ran away once, making my dad ran along to chase me for couple kms, then pretending im a good boy, i walk by the other 6. And when the opportunity came, i slipped off out of my harness.. ran towards the lake and jumped in for a swim. I have never swim before, but i swam like a champ, refusing to go back to shore even when my dad started shouting (he was panicking). At last when im satisfied i swam back. And be a good boy once more. Ps. Yes i just got my bath, and i made my dad bathe me again 😈





Omg.. little brat .. that's why u get the leash .. good boy lol

The Red Huskies

@huskyfuntimes lol. He has made enuf trouble for a year 😂


Wowww ,a real natural swimmer 🏊🏻 slightly resembling a husky crock 🐊🐾🐕

Tyche & Hibiki

Can imagine how frantic your parents were ! What can I say, its in our blood to escape 😜