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#Repost @dp4k.m ・・・ #Repost @shizzyswildcatrescue KIND HUMANS SAVE SHARK 💕 These beach-goers saw a shark in distress. He had a hook digging into him and plastic trailing from him. They freed him from the line, released him and watched him swim away unharmed. It feels good to be able to share a happy video of people helping a shark rather than a cruel video of people dragging a shark out of the water for selfies. Sharks have seen a massive decline in recent years as a result of human actions #SaveSharks ✊💙🙌🌱😍




azar torshani


Farah Ameli



@alex.d.y Now that's a long way to travel. Do you like living in Stockholm? Have you lived there a long time? I'm from New York originally. I lived and worked in Pennsylvania for about 20yrs or so. Now, I live in Georgia with my daughter and my brother. Well, stay strong and pray for peace☮


@btlfn14 Sweden, Stockholm.. but I came from China.


@alex.d.y in what part of the world do you live? I live in the USA...Georgia, to be exact. ☮