The Red Huskies

DOGS ARE NOT CHRISTMAS PRESENT. Kay. I said it last year and im gonna say it again this year. Its a good xmas present for: people who are willing to spend 10-15 years of their life time commiting time, money, and attention to the dogs. Little kid? If you think they are responsible enough and knew meaning of life. It angers me whenever i saw post like perfect gift for christmas and saw puppies pictures. Coz a lot of time, some of that puppies are gonna thrown away with bought for kids now dont have time bla bla bla. Or sick and only lives their lives inside cages. :( please, spread the awareness) im happy if pups found a good home for christmas, unfortunately a lot of em also not so fortunate for the rest of their live 🤕



Enodia Tanandjaja

Beautiful ❤❤❤


I agree 100% as well. Just lost my male Husky October 5th...he would have turned 17 years old this January 2017!! If you have that much time to give then get one!! 🐾🐶

Little Miss Moss

Seconded, they are much more than pets or something to do!! I love my dog like child xxxxx