The Red Huskies

Enjoying the long holiday. Lots have happened, the triple K got their birthday back in 26th havent been able to take their pics yet. As well as christmas photoshoot lol. Got people bashing in how i take care of my dogs, how i let them suffer. 🙄 yeah. Please do tell me im torturing my pups. Look how miserable they all are.





LOL. I'm sure you will too. But as long as you watch the dogs while they're with the baby everything will be fine. They know you're alpha so they'll listen. I had dogs before I had kids and they were always around my kids once they were born. And both did fine.

The Red Huskies

@niblet143 i know right? It just pissed me when they start judging when they didnt even know my background lol and thank you! I cant wait to take pics of my baby with the pack, oh and im sure im gonna get criticized for letting the baby near dogs lol


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Unfortunately there will always be haters but you have done some amazing things. You've rescued a few dogs and found them homes all while having a bunch of your own to take care of. And you can clearly see your pups are happy and healthy. Congrats on the pregnancy and don't worry too much. When dogs are raised properly they get along just fine with babies and kids.


You have beautiful beloved dogs! ❤️