Gary and supporting cast

Of course it's Gus, he's a damn muppet. Hank is only slightly less agreeable, Gary is OK with the front paws as long as he's sleepy, Jesse is an absolute nightmare so I've given up trimming his, and Margo. Simply. Will. Not. Allow. It. #Teamgarytrivia




Michelle Travis

Excellent video 😹😻

Candice Guilaran

Nakakamiss magpalas ng kuko ng pusa ko 😢 @apl.llarena


My cat starts crying before I even pull the clippers out smh lmao. He knows what's about to go down 😭😂


You really shouldn't cut cats claws and I can tell u why

Frederick Von Scrumb 🐱

Freddy is a dream when it comes to claw clipping, mum is not brave enough to try with lance however 🙄

Carolyn & Julius

Girls got a mind of her own