Venus the Two Face Cat

Happy New Year everyone!! Look who made appearances in my #2016bestnine! First is @professor_pouncey 's Dad's amazing picture of me which is also the cover photo of my 2017 calendar, @trey_plus_trenton which is my favorite hands on rescue/foster mission (which many of you played a vital role in helping donating towards all of his critical life saving surgeries needed), and of course my adopted brother @roothekangaroocat ! More memories to come before midnight 😉😺. #newyearseve #2016




Adam Richards

wicked smaht

Sarah Andrews

@chaos.interrupted.by.grace Venus and her handsome brother, Roo...I totally have a kitty crush on him. He has his own page...@roothekangaroocat


Happy new year Venus🐱

Ana M.

Happy new year! 😺🎆🎄💗


So cute

Cláudia Kobayashi

Love you!!!!!!