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Rififi, Staffordshire Bull Terrier (6 y/o), Vanderbilt & Park Pl., Brooklyn, NY • "He grew up in Morocco and he's the world's best dog."

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Black Canyon Sanctuary

Gorgeous Rififi ❤❤❤

Angela Halbert

@friedfriello the rescue organization suggested the prong collar. 100 lb labs are not easy to walk. If I can't walk them, I can't foster them.

@angehalbert if you want to do your fosters a favor, TEACH them to walk politely, don't punish them for walking impolitely. Subtle difference to you, but huge difference to the dog.

@masoncool sasha is that you??!?!?!

@ktipton70 looks like the collar face out, so the spikes aren't against him.

Michelle sofia victoria

Stiv pik 😜

Katherine Tipton

Why the pinch collar if he's such a good dog?

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