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Please enter by emailing photos of your pup(s) to: [email protected] Follow @KONAleashes ….Are you interested in having your dog model for the @KONAleashes brand?! @KONAleashes is having an all breed model search! @KONAleashes is a handmade dog accessory company that donates 1LB of proceeds back to NO- KILL shelters. They have ALREADY donated over 2,000LBS. Each leash is made in the USA and is backed with a lifetime warranty!





Best one out there

Erica Correa

They tell everyone who enters that their dog won. And then want to use Ur pic for their advertising FOR FREE then they don't even give u a free collar or leash. U still have to buy it.


@dogthatbuddy_ das ist für dich !


@thecopperkat thank you for tagging me here!! 🐾🐶💕